Our Staff

Our Stanford Sierra Camp team spans from year-round management positions, to 1-2-3 season “permastaff” positions, and our summer staph. Read on to see who’s at Camp this year!

Our Stanford Sierra Camp management team is composed of passionate, kind hearted, intelligent, hard working, zany individuals that are brought together from all different walks of life by their love for and desire to give their all to Camp. This team keeps Camp thriving. Can you tell we love our managers?


– Dave Bunnett: Director and CEO

Dave is responsible for the overall management of the facility.  With over 30 years at Camp, Dave can take on virtually any issue that arises.  When Dave isn’t running around Camp, he and his wife Tamara have another full-time job: raising their two lovely and charismatic daughters, Danica and Tatum.



– Leanna Castro: Assistant Camp Director   IMG_8155

Leanna assists with year-round operational management (and is one of Camp’s EMTs!), in addition to organizing & overseeing the summer program and hiring the summer staph. Leanna first started at Camp during undergrad with 4 magical summers as a summer stapher where she worked across a variety of roles from 2011-2014  — as a Kitchen Staffer, twice as a Snoopers Counselor (5-6 yr olds), and as a Suaves Counselor (13-14 yr olds). She graduated Stanford, Class of 2014 with a degree in Human Biology, going on to work as a patient advocate and health care coordinator for 3 years. Originally from the Sierra Nevada, Leanna feels most at home amidst sparkling granite and cool alpine streams and enjoys spending her time with family & friends through backpacking, hiking, camping, board games, getting lost in a good book together and most anything outside, as well as pursuing her passions within rural health care and community health. She’d love to chat about any and all things Camp, as well as more general musings on this wild, juicy life — come say hello!

1385649_10101734228948175_448332700_n– Matty Hayes: Conference Staff Director

Matty is a man of the people – responsible for hiring the spring and fall staff, creating their schedules, and making sure conference seasons run smoothly.  Matty hails from Hendersonville, TN and enjoys all things outdoors: mountain biking, snowboarding, camping and taking boats out on the lake. He loves his wife, Samantha, and enjoys sharing his life at Fallen Leaf with her.


 Carly Steyer: Summer Staff Director (2022) Carly Steyer_Staph D Bio Pic 2021-2022

Carly graduated from Stanford in 2020 and could not be more excited to spend the next year as the Summer Staph Director !!! She loves being back on campus, where she’ll spend fall, winter, and spring recruiting, hiring, and supporting the Summer Staph of 2022, before she joins them up at the glittery, majestic Fallen Leaf for summer! In her summers as a stapher at Camp, Carly worked as the photographer (2019), yoga instructor (2020/2021), and office assistant (2021), and served on the 2020 student Interview Committee (ICOM) as the Staph Community Coordinator. After graduating, she worked for an action/adventure film director in L.A., and then launched her own small film production company with several of her best friends from Stanford. She was running around New York and L.A. working on films when she realized that there is no place that makes her feel more whole and creative than SSC…and so she came home to Camp 🙂 When she’s not raving about Camp, she’s (ideally) drinking coffee outside and debating modern pop culture with friends. She can’t wait to build a beautiful/electric/eclectic Summer Staph 2022; chat with her about it any time! You can find her at the Alumni Center or connect by emailing apply.to.ssc@gmail.com.


IMG_2146 copy

Samantha Hayes: Front Office Manager

A Maine baby but Virginia native, Samantha found her way to Camp in 2015, beginning as an All Purpose staffer before transitioning to the office. She is a talented mountain biker, loves animals, her husband, Matty, and soft pretzels – not necessarily in that order.


Derek Lynn: Front Office Assistant ManagerThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_9931-2.jpg

Hello! Welcome to my bio. I enjoy hot drinks, sparkling water, paperback books, longform discussion, moving around, and outdoor sports. I have worked around Camp for some time in various capacities. So, if we’ve met before, let’s catch up! If you’re new, I’m excited to meet you.


Carrie Webb: Reservations Manager

As our reservations manager, Carrie handles the reservations for our summer program and Stanford affiliated conference programs.  During the week, she is here to handle any reservation questions you may have.  Carrie loves riding horses, hiking and gardening in her yard.


Natalie DeVane_Bio Pic_Reservations Assistant Manager

Natalie DeVane: Reservations Assistant Manager

Natalie works alongside Carrie to ensure your reservations are up-to-date and ready to go prior to your summer arrival. She is a SoCal transplant who is so happy to be among the beauty and community at Fallen Leaf Lake, SSC!



Tegan Ludwig: Director of Human ResourcesEkOXSCT6mJESriC4ajW2-Bruy4nxolDtMv87q05vx7iohr3Pck3efynpaZDhj8FROq44wk9qx0ZVxlB59_iBsWfYHZFMKYgGFkRC6PJRiGDc6Sb6GZxLLy4QDMBQxh2KufNFADEr3NKwFjU_jWR_sW1jUntWjv2rVXty3mfXopgPzZhNMyxFANqLTxEt3rO8UrxCOLbUWyI89I3cl1mCZ

Tegan oversees all of the Human Resource & Accounting functions for Stanford Sierra Camp. Tegan’s main focus is taking care of our team members and ensuring they have a unique and one-of-a-kind working experience. She stands by her belief in an open door policy by creating open lines of communication. When Tegan isn’t out at Camp, she is located at our Town Office. During her free time, Tegan enjoys wake boarding, snowboarding, volleyball, running, softball, climbing and just about anything outdoors.


Morgan Marshall: Sales and Marketing Director

Morgan works to book and organize the many conferences, weddings, retreat groups, and businesses that visit Camp in the spring and fall.  When not working, you can find Morgan geocaching in the local vicinity, doing a crossword at the picnic tables, or displaying his talents on the volleyball court.



Rachel Bush: Fountain ManagerRachel Bush-Bio Pic

Born and raised in the lush nut farms of Chico, California, Rachel made her way to Stanford Camp in fall of 2013, and quickly came to love the people, the mountains, and all the fire hot cart food. You may recognize her from her years serving up milkshakes and other goodies as Fountain Assistant. This year you’ll see her organizing sundries and establishing her inspired creations as the new Fountain Manager. When she’s not in the Fountain, you might find her roaming around hiking trails, or groovin’ on the dance floor, because as she always says “if you can’t find me on the dance floor, you’re not looking hard enough.”

janJan Schlereth: Head of Housekeeping

Jan is responsible for making sure that your stay is as cozy and clean as possible. In addition to overseeing all things housekeeping, Jan also manages our new ceramics program! In her off-time, Jan has taken to overseas travel and especially enjoys working with animals.


Dave Dennis: Executive Chef

Dave, also known as “D”, oversees all kitchen and dining room services.  Dave is responsible for creating the dynamic and flavorful menus for all seasons and has an acute eye for delicious foods.  In his free time, Dave enjoys hiking, biking, and spending time with his son.



Tara Crowley: Executive Sous Chef

Tara hails from Cleveland, Ohio and has been here at Camp since Spring 2013.  She brings her extraordinary culinary skills each day to make delicious meals for all to enjoy.


– Stephanie Jee: Sous ChefStephanie Jee - Sous Chef

Stephanie is originally from San Francisco, but is very excited to call Fallen Leaf her home. She has spent a lot of time in different kitchens throughout her life and is thrilled to be working in the kitchen here at camp this summer. In her off-time Stephanie can be found out on the lake fishing or on a good hike.


alisha  -Alisha Burtt: Dining Room Manager

Alisha of Stockton. A wonderful, multifaceted person with many hobbies. Alisha loves Disney, scrap booking, crafting, Lords of Waterdeep, Harper’s Island, costumes, and food service.


Bruce Campodonico: Head of Maintenance & Department of Plant Operations

Bruce brings excellent carpentry skills and attention to detail to his job maintaining the grounds.  You will see Bruce’s unique and beautiful wood trim fixtures in various places around the lodge.  Bruce is also an artist, avid reader, and has a wealth of historical knowledge.


Jason Stock - Whatz Bio Pic

-Jason Stock: DOPO, Maintenance Engineer

Jason found his way to Camp back in the fall of 2008 and has since then made it his home.  He can be found working on everything from electrical issues to the Camp’s wireless Internet.  He is a vinyl record collector and enjoys learning about new sources for alternative energy and living sustainably.  Don’t hesitate to ask him for help when it comes to any maintenance issues, he is very knowledgeable in many areas.


Jason Ring - Whatz Bio PicJason Ring: DOPO, Maintenance

Jason, you can call him Jay, moved to the mountains of Lake Tahoe from Iowa in the summer of 2008.  He enjoys the views of Fallen Leaf Lake every morning from his cabin. He can be seen all around Camp either painting or doing a number of other beautification projects.



– John Gelinas: DOPO, Maintenance

 John is New Hampshire born and raised but has been traveling seasonally for a few years now. This will be his 7th year at Camp! He’s in to music, film, writing, dancing, and good conversation. You’ll probably find him telling jokes to anyone who will listen or planning above and beyond social events for the staph.


Mason Agner- Bio Pic


 – Mason Agner: DOPO, Maintenance

It was cold and snowin’, hard ridin’. Hard country. He rode past me and kept on goin’. Never said nothin’ goin’ by. He just rode on past and he had his blanket wrapped around him and his head down… and when he rode past I seen he was carryin’ fire in a horn the way people used to do and I could see the horn from the light inside of it. About the color of the moon. And in the dream I knew that he was goin’ on ahead and that he was fixin’ to make a fire somewhere out there in all that dark and all that cold, and I knew that whenever I got there he would be there. Out there up ahead.


– Jonny Dacus: Night WatchJonnyDacus

Jonny escaped the bonds of oppressively humid summers and cold for nothing winters of Hendersonville Tennessee in 2013.  He somehow meandered his way to Lake Tahoe that Spring and has spent the majority of his time here since then.  Things he’s into: long walks on Baby Beach, baby animal gifs, and getting his hair braided.  Things he’s super into: painting minis, spending time in his van ‘Helga’ exploring back roads, enjoying every single thing that our little home in the woods has to offer.  He’s super excited about this summer here at camp and looks forward to seeing everyone.


PermaStaff (2-3 seasons) 


– Giovani Amoruso: Evening Office Assistant

Giovani Amoruso was born in Eugene, Oregon and raised in the small town of Groveland, California.

In school he enjoyed learning about philosophy and entrepreneurship. He continued his education through Mindvalley University, a non traditional education program where he especially appreciated learning about meditation, entrepreneurship, and the Wim Hof Method.

He has worked a variety of jobs from most recently being a snowboard instructor to working at a tech startup. He has also worked at camp in the spring of 2018 and the fall of 2019 and is very excited to be back!

Interests include: the Wim Hof Method, jiu jitsu, meditation, philosophical discussions, business ideas, blockchain technology, real estate, adventures and everything outdoors. 


– Ashlyn Snell: Fountain Assistant IMG_0629

A real snowboard queen steezmachine. Ashlyn is here to make milkshakes and chew bubblegum. And she’s all out of bubblegum. Talk to her about whether there is such thing as a hoodie “too long” or hat bill “too flat.” Ashlyn likes to spend her time talking about 4runners and Colorado weather patterns while staying up on the latest TikTok trendz.



– Stevie Smith: Dining Room Assistant Manager

A member of the kitchen staph for his second summer, Stevie Wonderful spends his spring and fall as an AP staph member for the conference season at SSC. Also from Bensalem, PA, he went to college in Philadelphia then made his way to California and found himself at camp and fell in love. Stevie is an avid reader and writer, channeling his inner John Steinbeck while on Fallen Leaf, and can always be seen with a cup of coffee before bed.


-Sam McNulty: Dining Room Assistant ManagerFB_IMG_16199741195216500

Sam is originally from Oregon but spent the past few years working seasonally.  She previously worked 8 seasons as an all-purpose staffer in the conference season and is very excited for her first summer! In 2019 Sam took a break from camp to work, hike, and learn how to ski in the Tetons and spent quarantine as a volunteer brush clearing at a Tibetan Buddhist center in northern California. She can’t go for a day without snort laughing at least once and enjoys backpacking, skiing, road trips, crocheting, yin yoga, making creative costumes for staff events, reading, and drinking coffee. 

– Phil Reitveld: Kitchen

Phil is also a Wisconsin boy, arriving with his cousin Avery from Appleton to likewise join the kitchen here at SSC. Unlike Avery, Phil is lover of all foods, especially Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. An avid fisherman, he can always be found at the Glen Alpine Creek, rod in one hand, trout in the other, fighting off bears attempting to steal his hard day’s work.

– Connor Daily: Kitchen

Connor has been with camp since the Fall of 2015, spending long hours on the hot line of the kitchen, spicing up dishes with his urban flare. From Bensalem, PA, just outside Philadelphia, Connor loves dogs, cats, and volunteering for local campaigns. He is always willing to talk politics or discuss his favorite episodes of The Office. Connor is currently the “lead cook” in the kitchen, responsible for turning out only the best of foods on a nightly basis. He also loves extra sharp cheddar cheese.

– Nick Barnaby: Kitchen20210423_142601

Nick Wondered from New England, he has been traveling all around the west finding the best mountain views for a reasonable price. Wherever there’s a body of water you know Nick is off along the shores with his head in the clouds.



– Vince Rich: Kitchen

I was raised in Stockton but have been traveling the state for years. I’ve worked in Tahoe, Yosemite, and Death Valley exploring seasonal jobs and meeting awesome people. I’ll be returning for my third season so far and will be working in the kitchen. I enjoy quality pizza and talking about traveling the world with others .


– Bryson Shafer: Brother of Chaffin and Jonny Dacus. Kitchen worker.

– Chaffin Shafer: Brother of Bryson and Jonny Dacus. Kitchen worker.

– John Smyda – Just a regular guy. Two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth. The Loch Ness Monster.




– Jimmy Stanley: Kitchen

I spent most of my life in Northern Illinois / Chicago. Spent about a year or two traveling, mostly through Mexico. Miss it greatly and can’t wait to get back into the travelers life. I like music, art, dancing, and meeting awesome people! 


-Isaiah Tingle: Breakfast Cook 


– Sam Howland: Night Watch ReliefBio Pic- Sam Howland

Sam hails from the plains of central Illinois but has spent much of the last few years building trails and being a lumberjack in Montana, Alabama and Nevada. Last year, he took on the black of the Night’s Watch and is looking forward to another great year.  Sam is always looking for new adventures and new friendly faces.



Summer Staph

For our 2021 Summer Experience, we had a summer staph of 40 current and former Stanford students to bring imagination, creativity, innovation, and passionate ideas into the summer program.  Whether studying mechanical engineering, art history majors, or bringing their cultivated professional skills to Camp, these staphers provide vibrancy that energizes and drives Camp throughout the summer.

Click here to view the 2021 summer staph intro video!

and read on to learn more about the 2021 summer staph!



Hometown: Boulder, CO

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Bioengineering and Education

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Stanford Axe Committee, steam tunneling, and intramural sports/club baseball 

I could talk all day about…pokémon, Jeopardy, and Calvin and Hobbes

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… biodesign, software engineering, and education

Biosketch: Alex is a rising senior who just finished a gap year spent exploring Nashville and Portland and working on creating a curriculum with Stanford Biodesign! He can’t wait for a summer surrounded (6 feet apart) by others after a year spent in quarantine. Alex is eager to compare notes on favorite hikes in Desolation Wilderness, best and worst experiences in the classroom, and how your baseball team stacks up with his, the Colorado Rockies. Catch him in the Fountain if you want the best milkshake of your life. His favorite flavor: chocolate cookie dough (chocolate ice cream with bits of cookie dough). Alex has never said no to a ping-pong or chess challenge, so if the tables are open, he’s always down for a match in either. Come find him to talk sports, adventuring, education, or what the heck he should consider doing post-Stanford!


Hometown: Big Spring, Texas 

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Human Biology, Minor in Education

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Hit up Salt & Straw with my friends, watch Neflix, play drums with the LSJUMB

I could talk all day about… Mental Health, Dogs, Music, Education (especially equity in education), First-generation and low-income college student issues

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Education! I want to be a pre-school teacher in the future and love working with kids, so anybody that has a profession involving children, especially young ones, should stop me and chat. 

Biosketch: Alexess just graduated from Stanford in June and is so excited to spend her first summer post-graduation at the beautiful Fallen Leaf Lake. She was born and raised in Texas and hopes to soon become a pre-school teacher back home or in California. As a new graduate, she is open to any and all advice about life after Stanford. If you see her around, stop and chat with her about education, why American Sign Language is so cool, what it’s like playing in one of the wackiest bands of all time, or anything that makes YOU happy!


Hometown: Dallas, TX

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Math & Computational Science; Systems Analyst & Product Manager 

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Running/walking the Dish, random hangs with friends in the hallway/outside/anywhere, & campus golf

I could talk all day about… space, astrobiology, psychology, anthropology, & language  

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… music, sustainability, climate change, mental health, & entertainment

Biosketch: Annee is returning to Sierra Camp after several fun years of living in the Bay Area with other former staphers as housemates. Annee quit her job in tech pre-pandemic for a little life shake-up and reevaluation time, not knowing that life already had a shake-up in store for her and the whole world! She’s still trying to find her path but knows whatever it is, there better be time for music! She is a singer/songwriter and loves music. Meet her on Ski Dock jamming to some tunes in between shifts!

Ava DeConcini

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures: Undecided

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Surf, ski, and cliff jump!

I could talk all day about… The different cultures I’ve experienced, different life philosophies, music (I go through a lot of phases but I’ve gotten into dubstep lately which my parents hope will change soon), and adrenaline filled activities.

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Biology, Neuroscience, Architecture, Philosophy, and Astro Sciences.

Biosketch: Ava is a 19 year old girl who likes to have what is referred to as “a good time.” Ava grew up in Los Angeles and moved to Spain after sophomore year to complete high school in Madrid, living with a host family. This proved to be a very good time- and as a bonus, she now speaks Spanish with a ridiculous accent! This adventure came to an end last March, when she packed a small duffel bag and returned to LA, and has not been back to collect her things or see her friends and host family since. Never one to dwell, she chose to defer the academic year and see what she could make out of the given global circumstances. First, she moved to San Diego, where she worked at her grandma’s favorite seafood shop (Point Loma Seafoods- “The Freshest Thing In Town”) and interned with some orthopedic surgeons at Scripps and with some neurosurgeons at the Naval Hospital. Then she moved to Breckenridge, CO where she taught skiing to the youth and also worked at the local fudge shop. Despite the trying times, Ava has managed to keep a smile on her face and believes in not taking life too seriously. She is very excited to start university in the fall and equally excited to join the camp community this summer!


Hometown: Anchorage, AK

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Earth Systems (Oceans and Climate Track)

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Picnic with friends, drink free coffee in the Earth Systems office, go to the beach

I could talk all day about… mysteries of the oceans, indigenous advocacy in climate issues, the meanings of dreams, a yummy meal, favorite movies, basically anything (I love to chat!)

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Marine conservation, climate change communication and education, environmental research

Biosketch: Bella (Munchkins counselor 2018, Menehunes counselor 2019) is back and more excited than ever for her third summer at Sierra Camp. She has taken almost the full year off from Stanford due to COVID, spending most of it at her home in Alaska, working remotely for an indigenous led research team in New Zealand, working on her thesis, being an Earth Systems Student Advisor for the academic year, and living/working on a farm in NorCal. Born and raised, in Anchorage, AK, Bella loves the outdoors and is very passionate about the health of our planet. She is extra delighted to be back on the beloved shores of Fallen Leaf Lake doing a variety of jobs including planning 7-9 year old kids’ programming, Kids Naturalist, CDEI, and leading some crafts and family hikes. Bella is so stoked to be a part of the camp family once again and make this unique summer even more magical!


Hometown: Gypsum, CO

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Human Biology and Creative Writing 

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Give tours as part of the Visitor Center, run/bike/hike/play tennis/soccer outside with friends, see sunrises in and around the Bay Area (and getting coffee after!) 

I could talk all day about… the wide and deep power of storytelling in its many forms, environmental justice and access to/experience in wilderness and the outdoors, the human connection, collaging and scrapbooking, creative writing and poetry, sports! 

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Environmental and science education, environmental science/ecology/biology, women’s health and reproductive health, public land/wilderness use and access, science writing, community building

Biosketch: Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (in a small town called Gypsum, outside the ski areas of Vail and Beaver Creek!), Brennecke grew up with a distinct love and appreciation for the outdoors and small, tight-knit communities. At Stanford, she has seen those passions flourish in the intersections of human biology, ecology, environmental justice/equitable access, and creative writing/storytelling. She also has loved throwing herself into being a tour guide, playing and watching lots of sports from club soccer to dorm ping pong, and being an RA in a frosh dorm! More than anything, Brennecke is continually grateful for the magic of the world and the human connection. She can’t wait to hear about what you love!!!


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA 

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Current graduate student at Columbia University, Masters in Fine Arts in Fiction Writing

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Play defense on the club soccer team, develop film in the photo studio, and study abroad in Paris

I could talk all day about… Iowa City, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld (Author), and Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Film)

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in…the arts

Biosketch: Brooke graduated from Stanford in 2014 and is pursuing her Masters in Fine Arts in Fiction Writing at Columbia University. She spent four storybook summers on Fallen Leaf Lake as a ski docker, photographer, and Staph Director, and is thrilled to be back with the Sierra Camp community. She looks forward to seeing old friends and meeting the new!


Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Working as an assistant to a film director and directing my own films on the side!

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: play music/sing with people, cook, go for a hike !

I could talk all day about… Any TV show, people’s wacky families, how social media is impacting Gen Z (yikes!)

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in…Entertainment and Art

Biosketch: It’s been a long year since Carly graduated from Stanford in the spring of 2020, and she could not be more thrilled to return to the glittery lake and the happiest place: Stanford Sierra Camp! Coming straight from New York City, where she’s been living and working as an assistant to a film director/producer and making her own films on the side, Carly is excited to swap out the skyscrapers and bustling city for hiking boots, lively conversations over dinner, and reading books on the boat dock. She loves dancing (just the recreational/non-choreographed kind), sports (only when no one takes them seriously), and snow camping (she tried it once and wants to make that known to people). If you have a life story that you think needs to be turned into a movie, she wants to hear all about it.


Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Computer Science ’15 / Curriculum and Software Developer @CodeHS / Co-Founder @sindancefilmfestival.com

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Playing guitar, skateboarding, playing guitar while skateboarding

I could talk all day about… Computer Science Education, chess, van life, jam bands, honestly anything

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… education, equity in education, sustainability, film, music

Biosketch: Calvin wrapped up his time at Stanford in 2015 after performing in a few experimental plays, teaching introductory computer science for 4 years, taking on a brief stint as the Stanford Tree, and working 3 life changing summers at SSC.

Since graduation Calvin has become known far and wide as the Bad Boy of Computer Science Education™.  You can find Calvin’s free middle school and high school computer science courses on CodeHS.com. If your kids are learning computer science in school there’s a good chance they’ve seen Calvin’s videos online! Calvin has worked remotely for several years which has allowed him to live in the mountains of Tahoe, Utah, and Colorado, the shores of Hawaii, the underground clubs of Berlin, and his beloved Van Down By The River, but the pull to Fallen Leaf Lake has never left Calvin’s bones.

Calvin is honored and absolutely thrilled to return to Sierra Camp for a fourth summer to meet new families, reconnect with old ones, make some music, ride some bikes, and create amazing masked up socially distant memories with all of you.


Hometown: Queens, NY

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Product Design / Work in Non-Profit Arts, Theatre, Film Festival, Film Funding

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Performing with the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, swinging on the skateboard swing outside my co-op house, dancing!

I could talk all day about… movies, TV, Korean food, Jeopardy, Dance. 

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… The Arts! Film! Film Festivals!

Biosketch: Christine Chung can’t believe she gets to come back home to Fallen Leaf to spend another summer at Camp. After spending a few summers here as a Suaves counselor and Staph D, she’s excited to return as the Individual Instructor Coordinator! Outside of Camp, Christine works in a variety of creative spaces including non-profit theatre & performing arts, film festivals, and experiential immersive design. Her recent affiliations include First Look Media, SXSW, SFFILM, SFBATCO, and African Voices. She loves coffee, dancing, singing, cheesy rom coms,  gazing at the stars, trees, and stretching! Tell her your latest podcast or movie recommendation.


Hometown: Los Altos Hills, CA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Biology major

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: whisper words of encouragement to the frogs in my lab, sit outside reading with a bag of hint-of-lime Tostitos, and convincing myself that I do in-fact deserve a second plate of waffle-fries today

I could talk all day about… animals, star wars, lord of the rings, debating the ethics of sandwich classification (if an uncrustable is a sandwich, then is a jelly-filled donut then also a sandwich?)

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Wildlife research and conservation, animal behavior and welfare, zoo work

Biosketch: Chris Jackson has just completed his coterm (master’s program) at Stanford and is absolutely PUMPED to be staffing this crazy and very special year. He staffed previously in 2018 as a Snoopers Counselor, and will return this year as a Kid’s Naturalist!! Chris has a deep love for all animals (except wasps), and often finds himself frustrated when the airport security tells him that he is “not allowed” to pet the nice dogs with the cool vests. If you want to talk about any kind of animal at all, or discuss the politics of star wars, or why flavored blasted goldfish are a thousand times better than cheez-its, then feel free to find Chris at camp at any time!

Colin Howe

Hometown: White Salmon, WA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Physics Major / Applied Physics Coterm

Three Things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Making music, Napping, and making up to Tahoe in the winter to go skiing!

I could talk all day about… Space, 2010’s DIY emo and punk music, or professional video games (esports!)

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Physics research, materials science, but also anything else! I love hearing about everyone’s unique journeys to the career they have.

Biosketch: Born and raised in the Columbia Gorge, Colin always finds his way back to the outdoors. This summer, that means teaching sailing at Sierra Camp, just like he did back in high school! Colin just graduated from Stanford, but is sticking around for a fifth year to complete a master’s in Applied Physics. At Stanford, he’s involved in music through the LSJUMB and student bands, and with the outdoors through ski club. During his senior year during COVID, Colin has split time between Portland, Oregon for Fall Quarter, Salt Lake City, Utah for Winter Quarter, and finally back to campus for Spring. Living with friends in various areas, he’s been thinking a lot about the importance of human connection, especially in times of crisis. Camp is just the place to make some of those human connections! Talk to him about anything you’re interested in, because all a good connection takes is one shared piece of common ground and some enthusiasm.


Hometown: Los Gatos, CA 

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Film and Media Studies Major, AAAS Minor

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: I love writing comedy skits with my sketch comedy team, hanging out on Meyer Green, and going on runs!

I could talk all day about… entertainment, media, sustainability, theatre, performing arts, and education!

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… stand-up comedy, film, or entertainment at large!

Biosketch: Danika “Dani Lyle” Lyle is just a simple person with a few, noble dreams. Graduate Stanford this December with a degree in Film and Media studies and Honors in the Arts, have fun in the sun this summer, and achieve world peace. 

Oh, also they want to continue doing stand-up comedy, maybe publish some humor pieces in the New Yorker, but then, it’s all about world peace…Oh! Oh! 

They also want to develop their capstone one-woman show, discover new baking recipes, maybe travel before finding an entry-level entertainment job, BUT THEN? Then they’ll get started on that world pea-Oh! 

They also want to keep learning how to surf, continue their studies in African American history, and get more into fabric painting. Then, they will solve world peace (if time permits).


Hometown: Aiea, HI (and Goodyear, AZ)

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Environmental Systems Engineering / Camping in Death Valley

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Fountain hopping in spring, watching the sunset at Lake Lag, and unwinding at Coho Monday jazz nights

I could talk all day about… Foreign languages, philosophy, places I’ve been, art history, the joy of running 

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Photography, International work (in engineering, teaching, research, diplomacy, volunteering, honestly anything)

Biosketch: Dorian is a recent grad originally from a small town on Oahu, Hawaii, and for the past decade from a small city in Arizona. Living in both places has made him appreciative of warm climates, beautiful sunsets, and the absence of Daylight Savings Time (neither AZ nor HI participates in Daylight Savings). He comes from a mixed background, so has grown up learning how to best embody a diverse heritage and empathize with different cultures and beliefs. This has also contributed to his love of travel and preference for longer stays in new places. 

Dorian loves exploring, whether it’s deep questions, new experiences, or the world at large. He believes that a healthy body is one of our greatest gifts, so enjoys spending time outside or on the move — hiking, running, dancing, ~vibing~. In his down time, he likes to play piano, organize old pictures, and study foreign languages. If you see him, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation about any of the above or anything at all. Dorian is a great listener and loves getting to know others — so he is especially excited to spend time with as many of you as possible!


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): English with a Creative Writing Emphasis, French Minor

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Buy Coffee at Coupa, Hike the Dish, and Knit.

I could talk all day about… Sitcoms 

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Entertainment

Biosketch: Drew Feinman remembers being told that Sierra Camp would be one of the greatest summers of his life, which is why he applied last year for a summer of magic. While plans/the world changed, Drew is beyond excited to finally go to Fallen Leaf Lake for the first time. He likes to think that he has the soul of a Jewish grandmother and the spirit of a kid, meaning he loves to knit but will also dominate in a game of tag. Talk to him about meditation, yoga, comedies, theatre, and crafts. He will make you a friendship bracelet if you ask.


Hometown: Manchester, England (UK)

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Psychology and International Relations (w/ Creative Writing Minor)

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Watching the stars on the Law Terrace, getting TAP with my friends at 1am and hiking the dish at sunrise

I could talk all day about… why Shrek 2 is objectively the best film of all time, books, henna, the versatility of marshmallows, why cinnamon rolls are the greatest dessert, psychology, Manchester

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Law, Journalism, Psychology, International Relations, Creative Writing, English, Politics, Publishing, Marketing and Education!

Biosketch: Faiza is a sophomore from Manchester, England, where she was born and raised. She loves bad puns, s’mores and learning obscure facts. She is in the midst of quite a few different writing projects, and hopes to one day sit down and finish writing a novel! She loves to sing and bake with her younger sister, who she facetimes every day. On campus, she interns for the Center for Social Innovation at the GSB, as well as the Office of Student Engagement, and is super excited about the work she does for both! Feel free to approach her for conversations about anything and everything: she loves talking to and meeting new people. She is so stoked for camp this year!!! 🙂


Hometown: Hong Kong

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Mechanical Engineering

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Ride my old, blue tandem bicycle (preferably not alone!); drive up Page Mill Rd as fast as I can; then hit the beach, baby! Ice cream MUST follow.

I could talk all day about… Planes, trains, automobiles, the importance of open-mindedness, jazz solos, Art Nouveau travel posters and a little film called So I Married An Axe Murderer…

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… The aerospace/automotive sectors, enviro-civil engineering, music, anthropology, entrepreneurship – the list never ends!

Biosketch: Australian-born, Hong Kong-raised and British-accented, Finn studied Latin and Ancient Greek at school but enjoys convincing himself that he can get through a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. He’s never quite certain he can, for he spends far too much time crashing R/C aeroplanes, restoring antique furniture, learning his lines for Shakespeare plays, or listening to jazz, reggae, classic rock, indie, ’50s Italian pop and who-knows-what other obscure subgenres of music. He is over the moon to take on his new role orchestrating bumper-boat chaos as camp Sailing Instructor, but is less thrilled to learn that he will still have neighbours in Tahoe, who might not take kindly to the wails of Jim Morrison at all hours of the night. While tinkering with drones and fixing cars feels like it should be the stuff of an engineering degree, Finn is keen to point out that he has interned for Airbus and studied Law at Oxford in the past year, and that anything is possible if you throw enough bashful optimism at it. Alas, he probably has a lecture to get back to… unless he can find a ride to Fallen Leaf Lake!

Hailey Weisel

Hometown: Marin, CA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures: Political Science and English

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: I love to sit by Green Library and read, go for a run, go to Halfmoon Bay with friends

I could talk all day about… Books!! I love fiction and memoirs

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Law, writing, and women’s rights!

Biosketch: Hailey just finished her Sophomore year at Stanford and can’t wait for this summer at SSC. She spent her fall term abroad at Oxford University studying international law and feminist theory. She loved being there, but is really looking forward to being back on Stanford’s campus in the fall. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, collaging, and spending time with her dogs and cat. A fun fact about her is that she is an identical twin. Feel free to ask her about any of the above! She is so excited to meet all of the guests this summer.


Hometown: Spearfish, SD

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Recently graduated Earth Systems major

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: explore nearby trails, read and relax on any sunny patch of grass, and bird watch (so many cool bird friends on campus!)

I could talk all day about… anything! coffee, the outdoors, crosswords, my hometown, the ethics of the human and environmental intersection, particle physics, trees, animals, and anything that excites you 🙂

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… environmental sciences and policy; natural resource management (and have advice on entering into this field!)

Biosketch: Hannah grew up in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota where she spent most of her time hiking, biking, fly fishing, exploring and climbing rocks, and camping. When not outside (pretty rare occurrence), Hannah could be found reading or thinking about particle physics. Luckily, most of these hobbies stuck as she moved to Stanford and joined up with her new hobbies, practicing yoga and taking pictures of anything and everything. Go say hi! (If you can’t find her, she’s probably in Desolation.)


Hometown: Chicago

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): TAPS / Living in LA pursuing acting!

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Eat some fire Ramen at Ramen Nagi; take a nap on Meyer Green; hang out on the the Theta Chi roof (576 Alvarado for legal purposes); 

I could talk all day about… Superheroes, Avatar the Last Airbender, video games — literally anything nerdy

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… theater, TV/film, creative writing, criminal justice, and political reform!

Biosketch: Irie (somehow) graduated from Stanford in 2020 with a major in TAPS and minor in Spanish. Even after four years of undergrad, he still doesn’t really know what he’s doing with his life — and that’s okay! Before camp started he was living in LA pursing an acting career, which he’ll return to once camp is over. Known for his booming voice and large stature, Irie has endured such nicknames as the Big Friendly Giant, the Iron Giant, and Big Boi. So don’t be alarmed if you hear him yelling from the other side camp. Irie is super passionate about acting, theater, and theater education. Irie first did a theater workshop at six years old and fell in love with the artform, and has since continued on his journey through the theater world. Therefore, he is thrilled to be directing The Play and sharing his love of theater with guests in hopes that they might too discover their own theatrical passions. Aside from theater, Irie is interested in activism and institutional reform to address the discrimination and oppression of marginalized communities. Talk to him about radical political action!


Hometown: White Plains, NY

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): English, Creative Writing

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: climb, get glittered up and dance around, load up on snacks at Trader Joe’s

I could talk all day about… books books books (reading & writing), adventuring around California, Asian-American art & literature, making the outdoors more inclusive, quarantine yoga, love stories

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… writing & publishing fiction!

Biosketch: Izzy just graduated from Stanford, and at the end of a long senior year online, she’s so grateful for its gifts: quality time with her family, learning to surf and ski, solo road-tripping, writing a thesis, and coming back to Camp! This summer marks the start of a beautiful gap year before Izzy goes to grad school to keep studying creative writing. She’s thrilled to spend it in Desolation leading hikes and soaking up the sun.

She loves: all fruits, dogs, and colors; a few cats; singing along really loud to her favorite songs.

She hates: being allergic to pollen; being allergic to dogs; being allergic to cats.


Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): B.S. in Symbolic Systems, going for M.S. in Computational Social Science

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Do sketch comedy, run the dish, listen to music with friends

I could talk all day about… tech policy and ethics, logic problems, stand up comedy, wildlife, food, the mysteries of life

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… tech policy, artificial intelligence, comedy, consulting  (weird mix I know)

Biosketch: Jeffrey just graduated Stanford with a degree in Symbolic Systems (focusing in Artificial Intelligence) and is pursuing a coterminal Masters degree in Computational Social Science. Like many post-teen, pre-adults, he doesn’t really know what he wants to do in life or how to do good in the world, and if you have any insight please let him know. He loves dogs, backpacking, eating, discovering new music, traveling, playing guitar, logic puzzles, and I feel like dogs and eating deserve another mention here just to emphasize their importance. During this COVID season, Jeffrey took the time to grow out his hair, and depending on when you ask him about it he may have very different feelings. He worked at Sierra Camp after his freshman year and is super excited to be back at camp listen to all of your stories!


Hometown: Tiburon, CA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Human Biology: Human-Environmental Interactions

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Run with friends at Arastradero Preserve, sample ice cream flavors at every ice cream store in Palo Alto, go to live music performances and dance around with friends 

I could talk all day about… why everyone should have a dog, how wondrous the ocean is, why I love and protect nature, and why you should love and protect nature too! 

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… environmental conservation specifically within marine ecosystems, anything at the intersection of human and ocean health, climate-tech entrepreneurship, and sustainable solutions within marine food systems

Biosketch: Growing up in the Bay Area, Jessie discovered a deep appreciation for the golden hills and the deep blue sea along the coast of California. While attending four different high schools in three different countries (no, she did not get kicked out of any of them), she further expanded her love for the natural world, and came to cherish the ways in which nature allows people to grow and brings people together. She has followed her passion of uniting humans and the environment through her academic studies (researching marine food systems and sustainable development), her favorite fun activities (scuba diving, hiking, skiing, bouldering), and her artistic pursuits (capturing humans’ sparkle in their surrounding environments through photography). Some of Jessie’s other favorite things are sweet and sweaty: Have a delicious ice cream flavor you’ve been dreaming about? Jessie would always love to whip up a batch of homemade ice cream. Have a challenging crossfit workout you need an exercise buddy for? Jessie’s always up for the challenge. Jessie’s SO excited for her first summer at camp and can’t wait to hear about what YOU love, whether it’s sweet, sweaty, or Sierra Camp!


Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): B.S. Environmental Systems Engineering, M.S. (Coterm) Sustainable Design and Construction 

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Run to Philz (marguerite back), vibe on the ebf lawn, work at the climbing wall and outdoor center 

I could talk all day about… why rivers are the best body of water, strava, cooking and baking, any comedy tv show with a female lead

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… energy efficient design and inclusive financing, affordable housing, energy advocacy and policy, electrification and decarbonization of transit and buildings, workforce transition, grid decentralization, utility finance, science communication 

Biosketch: Jordan just finished her coterm in Sustainable Design and Construction and is excited to hop from the Bay to NYC after this summer to start work as a fellow working on sustainable and accessible transit policy at NRDC. If anyone has any tips for staying warm in a northeast winter, please let her know! She grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee where she enjoyed a wide variety of outdoor activities before making the move to Stanford almost 5 years ago. During undergrad, Jordan could usually be found somewhere in the outdoor center doing homework, renting gear, or planning for an upcoming outdoor outreach program (SOOP) trip for local high school students. She also really enjoyed diving into a cook shift at her co-op and going for morning runs with equally masochistic friends. Jordan was the rock climbing instructor in 2018, and this summer you can find her in the fountain, at the rock wall, or maybe even on a hike!


Hometown: Summit, New Jersey

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Product Design / graduate school @ Northwestern 

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: trying to drink coffee while riding my bike, running around Lake Lag/ Campus/ to Philz, eating super long dinners with friends/ teammates 

I could talk all day about… biology+design, fruit, mental health, shows on TLC

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Biotech, Engineering+Design, Neuroscience, Art, Social Impact, Education 

Biosketch: Julia (2020) is originally from New Jersey but has been based in Chicago for the past year.  She is beyond excited to have the chance to return to beautiful Northern California for her first summer of Camp! 

Reports from her former babysitter describe toddler Julia as a wild child.  As the stories go, no matter the activity at hand, she refused to lose to her three brothers.  Even if it meant throwing her body off a six step ledge just to one up her competition— Julia was game.  When the day was done, she would sit in bed, wide-eyed, asking countless questions about anything and everything she saw, heard and did throughout the day.  At 23, Julia still clings to the same playfulness and wonder that defined her 3 year old self. 

Julia loves to learn about the world, how it works, its different landscapes and cultures (really any stories/ facts/ trivia— she would love to hear).  Her favorite days are those filled with activity and adventure — you can find her running, rollerblading, hiking, or just hanging with music and friends outside.  

At Stanford, Julia was apart of the varsity lacrosse team.  She feels so lucky to be able to join camp and be apart of another wonderful, tight-knit community 🙂


Hometown: Winnetka, IL

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Symbolic Systems (B.S.) 2021 & Computer Science (M.S.) 2022p

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Playing lacrosse, roller skating, and learning new things

I could talk all day about… Sports, neuroscience, planning immersive experiences, DIY projects, play

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Computer science, interaction design, wedding planning, ed tech, technical product management, and cognitive science

Biosketch: Katherine (2021, 2022) is counting down the DAYS until she is back in the magical world of SSC! She graduated this June with a B.S. in Symbolic Systems (concentration: Human Centered AI) and will continue her studies this fall with an M.S. in Computer Science. At Stanford, Katherine loved being a member of the women’s lacrosse team and would love to talk about the world of sports at Stanford and beyond with you. As a Yahoos counselor in 2019, Katherine spent many an afternoon in a banana suit wondering if she had peaked. She can’t wait to continue the fun this summer as she gets camp movin’! Come dance it out with Katherine at a HIIT workout, on the tennis courts, or on a family hike. She can’t wait to meet you!


Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Philosohpy (BA), Computer Science (MS) — Software engineering, 5.5 years at Quip (a Salesforce company)

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: (1) Run around Lake Lag & The Dish, (2) Roller blade & longboard to explore the vast # of buildings, (3) Go to performances/recitals of student groups & friends

I could talk all day about… Skiing, road trips in the American West, sci-fi & fantasy novels, logic & mathematics, philosophy of mind

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Software Engineering; Robotics; Industrial Automation; Large-scale data processing & analytics; Data Science; Applied Probability

Biosketch: Kevin spent all of his undergraduate summers at Sierra Camp (Munchkins, Yahoos, Ski Dock, Ski Dock Head) from 2011-14 before getting a master’s degree at The Farm.  Over those 4 years his soul became bound to both Tahoe & Fallen Leaf lakes.  So, upon hearing Dave Bunnett bellow a call for aid from deep within the heart of Desolation Wilderness, Kevin could not help but eagerly return to SSC.  After 5.5 long years living and working in San Francisco, being back in the Sierra Nevada mountains 24/7 makes his spirit sing as his up-for-anything attitude manifests in a desire shared by other Staph old & new: to provide guests with the Camp experience in a whole new manner during this unique COVID summer at SSC.


Hometown: Corvallis, OR

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Grand Canyon Park Ranger, Professor, PhD Student, Catmom

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Bikepack, Whitewater raft, DIY projects

I could talk all day about… Resilience of social-ecological systems

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Climate change action, speaking and acting across the “aisle,” academia

Biosketch: Kira (she / her) always likes to ask people what they do for fun and not what they do for work. So, Kira is an aficionado of all things outdoors, minus the ego. She loves to bike, raft, climb, ski, hike, and most of all, enjoy the flowers. She currently resides in Corvallis, OR, with her cat Apple and several dying plants. Kira is a professional learner, spending many hours researching how climate change is and will continue to alter geographic ranges of natural resource based livelihoods at Oregon State University. She would like to thank Apple for her continued support.


Hometown: Hartsdale, NY

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): English/Creative Writing (BA), Computer Science/Human-Computer Interaction (MS)

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: perform improv with the Stanford Improvisors, picnic on Meyer Green, feast on Late Night waffle fries 🙂

I could talk all day about… improv, Marvel, favorite board games, fantasy literature, education 

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… entertainment (TV/film), creative writing, education, game design, & product management

Biosketch: Matt just graduated in June with his BA in English/Creative Writing, and now an MS in Computer Science! After kickin’ it with the Midorees in 2018 and 2019 (and running some improv workshops here and there), he is sooooo so excited to be back for a third magical summer at Sierra Camp. He grew up in Hartsdale, NY, and after spending five (5!!!) beautiful years at Stanford filled with theater, writing, design, and too many precious memories, he’ll be moving to LA to start a scary real-world job. He is very nervous but mostly excited to begin this new adventure beyond Stanford’s sandstone walls, and would love to talk to you about all the messy, silly, puzzling philosophical questions that come with a big post-grad move. 🙂


Hometown: Rolling Hills, CA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): B.A. English ’18, M.A. Journalism ’20. Now working as a storytelling teacher, podcast producer, playwright, and freelance journalist!

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Improvise, rollerskate, sing

I could talk all day about… Storytelling and creativity!

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Theater, journalism, storytelling, education

Biosketch: Megan (BA ‘18, MA ‘20) is so very grateful and joyous to be back at Fallen Leaf this summer. She’s currently teaches live, personal storytelling, produces podcasts, and writes plays. Previously at Camp, she was the 2019 Summer Staff Director, and worked with the Teens in 2018, the Yahoos in 2016, and the Menehunes in 2015. She’s excited to come together as a Camp community and find new ways to support, create, and grow this summer. Come say hi! Can’t wait to chat and catch up after this long year.

Micah Galton

Hometown: Burnsville, NC

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Psychology

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Hikes, Adventures, Jumping in the lake

I could talk all day about… Bitcoin, Ethical hunting and farming, psychology/ neuroscience

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Psychology, Economics, Startups, Finance

Biosketch: Micah Galton is an Appalachian mountain man born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. Last summer he started a socially distanced hiking camp with his father providing a fun and safe escape from the pandemic for local children. He then spent his fall and winter quarter building his grandmother a house also with his father. Micah worked in the Chicken in 2019 and is excited to work as a hiking leader and kids naturalist this year. Micah currently has no idea what career he wants so please talk to him if you have a fulfilling job.


Hometown: Austin, TX

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): B.A. American Studies; M.A. Sustainability Science and Practice – Post-grad, I have interned for the Center for Educational Improvement’s Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative with Yale University and for the Nueva School in San Mateo as an Upper School Classroom Assistant. In the fall, I will be starting a Clinical Psychology graduate program. 

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Fall down while roller skating, have long conversations around the dinner table, and drink lots of tea 

I could talk all day about… the big existential questions!! why we’re here! what it all means! how play & magic & wonder have played a role in your adult life! mistakes you’ve made or wish you’d made in your 20s! 

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… psychology, spirituality, writing, mental health, social justice, education, writing 

Biosketch: Michelle (2019, 2020) is over the MOON to be back at Stanford Sierra Camp after a year of pressing her nose to the Zoom screen and wondering why she still can’t figure out the unmute button. As an American Studies major and Sustainability Science and Practice coterm, Michelle learned about intergenerational well-being from a diversity of vantage points, clarifying her interest in individual and collective pathways to thriving. After graduating, she followed this interest to the Center for Educational Improvement and contributed to their Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative. She then transitioned to working for the Nueva School in San Mateo, inspired by the wonderful Nueva families she met at SSC! After spending the summer by the lake, she will begin training as a psychotherapist in a Clinical Psychology graduate program, which both feels 1000% terrifying and like every dream she’s ever had is coming true. As a Stanford undergraduate, Michelle worked in 2017 as a Snoopers counselor, in 2018 as a Munchkins counselor, and in 2019 as a Munchkins counselor. She is SO crazy excited to explore the world of yoga with SSC this summer and hopes that the summer will be filled with long, meandering conversations about how ‘o we’ve survived the past year and what we hope to carry with us into the seasons to come.

Nur Shelton

Hometown: Ashland, OR

Major/Post-Grad Adventures: English (Creative Writing)

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Serenade with the Stanford Mendicants, explore the lesser-known hills of the dish, and send some killer dynos at the rock gym.

I could talk all day about… Music! The 60s? The 80s? Folksy banjos? Musical theater? Bring it on. Also history, tennis, traveling, gardening, and adventure!

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Creative writing, journalism, education, international relations, musical theater, and sustainability!

Biosketch: Nicknamed “Bigfoot” frosh year simply for being from Southern Oregon, Nur spends most of his time living up to his name by adventuring into the mountains around his hometown of Ashland. He took a year away from school after finishing his sophomore year online and is now beyond excited to be rejoining the far-reaching Stanford community! When Nur’s not hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains or biking to Lake Lag at sunset, you can find him singing the really high parts with the Stanford Mendicants, crushing forehands with the Club Tennis team, or reading poetry in a hammock on Main Quad. Nur also loves to dance, play guitar, and have an all-around good time. He’s so grateful and excited to be joining the Sierra Camp Staph this year and can’t wait to hang out this Summer!

Paiton Gleeson

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures: Product Design

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: run to the Dish, coffee chats at CoHo, eating out in downtown Palo Alto

I could talk all day about… wild mustang training and rehabilitation, my favorite TV shows, Buddhism

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… art, product design, sustainable architecture/architecture, urban planning, and fashion

Biosketch: Paiton is a horse-crazy, back-country-loving, musical, dancing, circus gal! Her recent year off from Stanford can tell you most of what you need to know about her passions and interests. She spent her gap year taming and training wild horses, working on her Pilates Teaching Certification, picking up new sports such as aerial silks, pole fitness, and horse polo, and spending time with her COVID pod surfing, skiing, and snowboarding. At Stanford, Paiton is the Captain of the Equestrian Team, the publicity manager at SHPRC, and can often be found backstage doing tech for productions such as Gaieties! Paiton’s loves to travel and wishes she could do it more often. Her favorite places in the world are Ojai, Paris, and Fallen Leaf Lake! It has always been her dream to come staph at SSC, ever since she was a little Snooper in Week 10! So she is incredibly excited to join the staph team this year at camp and to get to know all the wonderful guests.


Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Electrical Engineering / Comp. Studies in Race & Ethnicity

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: cooking brunch at 4pm, taking long walks off campus, scaling the kumquat trees in main quad for a late night snack

I could talk all day about… your kids!!! or grandkids!!! and what you love about them 🙂 books or media that have changed your perspective on something, the many hills of san francisco, music, individual ethics

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… sustainability/environmental justice, engineering, social impact/product integrity/community engagement side of the tech world, housing/urban planning, education,  child development

Biosketch: Rozy is a senior/coterm returning to camp for her third summer, having worked as a Yahoo’s counselor in 2018 and as the Kids Group Coordinator in 2019. During quarantine, she’s spent some quality time propagating plants, raising monarch butterflies, living in community, and getting really into podcasts. This year she also took a gap year to venture into the ~adult~ world of San Francisco tech jobs, working first at a solar company and then at a consumer electronics company. Upon entering this world, she’s been wrestling with some classic existential questions; how to apply engineering skills to something that addresses societal inequities, while maintaining financial security? How do you make adult choices (i.e choosing a place to live) ethically under capitalism, and how do individual choices interact with broader systems? How do you choose one part of yourself to make into a career, without discarding all those other parts? She is excited to talk to and learn from the many wise souls that call this magical place home!


Hometown: Irvine, CA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Symbolic Systems

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: play pick up soccer on wilbur field, visit the anderson and cantor museums, lounge on meyer green and soak up some rays

I could talk all day about… poetry, ethics of technology, snowboarding, martial arts, music especially jazz

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… literature, technology, psychology, philosophy … literally anything!! I love learning about what other people are fascinated by and passionate about 

Biosketch: Ryan lives in a constant state of amazement with human consciousness and gratitude for this one wild and unimaginable life. Less metaphorically but still just as true, Ryan is a loyal resident of the Golden State, born and raised in Irvine, California and now a junior at Stanford where he studies Symbolic Systems and Creative Writing. He is a devout believer in magic, the earthly types of magic, that of poetry which can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and that of technology which has allowed us to harness the universe’s secrets for our own purposes. Long term, Ryan is interested in writing novels and designing technological systems that promote positive mental and physical health. Ryan loves everything outdoors: climbing, hiking, surfing, snowboarding, stargazing — you name it. His absolute favorite thing to do is to meet new people and learn about their passions. 

4 truths and a lie about Ryan:

1. he likes palindromes so much that he once wrote a 250 word palindromic poem

2. he has a black belt in shaolin kempo

3. he cannot survive the day without drinking at least one cup of green tea

4. he spent this past winter living and snowboarding in Colorado

5. he has an app published on both the iOS and Android store

come find and chat w Ryan to figure out which one isn’t true 🙂


Hometown: Harbor Springs, MI

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Earth Systems

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Ceramics, hiking at Jasper Ridge, and laying in the sun at Meyer Green

I could talk all day about… climate change, the ocean, coral reefs, environmental justice, traveling, music

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… environmental science and policy, doing interdisciplinary research, oceanography and climate, working in the NGO sphere

Biosketch: Sadie grew up in a small town in northern Michigan where she spent most of her time skiing, playing in the woods, and squishing in the mud. Not much has changed since then, and she channeled her love of all things nature into studying Earth Systems for her undergrad (2019) and coterm (2020). During school, Sadie played drumz in LSJUMB, was a docent at Jasper Ridge, and spent time off campus doing the Hawai‘i field program, studying abroad in Chile, doing research in Palau and Peru, and sailing from Hawai‘i to American Samoa on a tall ship. She’s passionate about marine science and policy, and her favorite thing in the world is scuba diving in coral reefs! She also loves to ski (snow and water!), hike, play/listen/dance to (live) music, surf, go on long road trips, and do ceramics. After graduating, Sadie has lived in eight different states while working remotely doing research about solutions to climate change and baking/cooking delicious plant-based creations. She can’t wait to spend the summer frolicking with you all at Fallen Leaf Lake!


Hometown: Simi Valley

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Product Design

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Sit at Meyer Greene with a smoothie from Coupa in hand

Go for a run around campus 

Get into a bike crash at the circle of death

I could talk all day about… DIY projects, sports, matcha, the art of thrift shopping, my dogs <3, Canadian tuxedos 

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Entrepreneurship, Design, Sustainability, Fashion

Biosketch: Sam is from Southern California where she grew up on an avocado farm starting when she was one (and yes, even after all these years she still loves avocados)! She enjoys working out for fun and grew up running, playing tennis, and sparring for taekwondo. Sam used to be on the track and field team at Stanford training and competing as a heptathlete. Since stopping track, she’s had more time to pursue creative passions and even got to study abroad in Kyoto, Japan! Away from camp you can find her at Home Depot getting supplies for her latest project (ask her about the trailer she’s revamping back home), drenched in sweat after a boxing class, or at the nearest Pinkberry ordering extra mochi for her frozen yogurt. Sam LOVES meeting new people, so don’t be shy!! If you see a girl wearing hot pink crocs, it’s most likely Sam :’)


Hometown: Port Townsend, WA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Earth Systems (BS’19/MS’20) / I worked a year as a wildlife biologist, and now I’m making a foray into climate-aligned finance!

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Rock out with the LSJUMB, lead hikes at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, and chase turkeys at the Dish

I could talk all day about… Corporate greenwashing, the need for ecologically holistic accounting standards, and ultralight backpacking

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… ESG investing, clean energy finance, land conservation, ecosystem services, and REDD+ initiatives

Biosketch: Tony is a Bay Area native who now calls Washington’s Olympic Peninsula home. He’s running it back for his fourth summer at Camp, and he’s absolutely thrilled to reconnect with all of the people, squirrels, and granite he’s missed so much. After finishing his M.S. in Earth Systems in 2020, Tony spent a year as a wildlife biologist in Southern California before transitioning to a role in climate-aligned finance (which, as it turns out, is very different). At Stanford, he conducted the LSJUMB and wrote their halftime shows (sorry), and he was unhealthily active in student government and residential life. This summer, he’s all vaccinated and ready to tear up the trails, roads, and milkshake machine at this magical place we get to call home.


Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Management Science and Engineering

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: chillax on Wilbur field,  hang with friends, support Cardinal sports 

I could talk all day about… skiing & hiking spots, cool business ideas, my fantasy team, Chipotle ordering hacks

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… entrepreneurship, business operations, hospitality, product management

Biosketch: School? Never heard of it. Will is finishing up his impromptu year-off on Fallen Leaf Lake with a summer (his first!) at Sierra Camp. He is super excited to dive headfirst into the Camp community and build those special Stanford friendships and connections that he and really everyone’s been missing these past 12 months. Outside of Camp and Stanford, you could probably find him moseying up a hiking trail in Moab, searching for sunscreen and some music on a beach in Florida, or, most recently, working Lift Ops at Beaver Creek Mountain. One thing is for certain, he is always down for the next outdoor adventure so be sure to come find him if you are looking for one during your time at Camp. Or if you want to throw the football… or talk food… or make a TikTok… or do literally anything…


Hometown: Woodside, CA

Major/Post-Grad Adventures (so far): Deciding between biology, history, philosophy, MS&E, symsys, French, and/or dropping out. 

Three things I love(d) to do at Stanford outside of class/when I have free time?: Ponder existential questions, hike/rock climb, try to perfect the art of cooking unhealthy breakfast food. 

I could talk all day about… Philosophy pertaining to human existence/physics/consciousness, jiu jitsu, your ideas as to how I can achieve immortality without compromising on the breakfast food thing. 

I would love to connect with others who work in fields related to or share an interest in… Philosophy, neuroscience, biology, nutrition, or anything else!

Biosketch: This here young buck is Zak! Zak is going into his sophomore year at Stanford after taking a gap year to work at a winery in Paso Robles, California. 

If you can’t find Zak exploring the trails, look for him either on the boat dock or the rock wall!

Zak loves to get into deep philosophical discussions (usually with his dog). Zak is incredibly excited to be working at camp this year and can’t wait to share that excitement with everyone!

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P.S. You might be wondering, “wait–why are they suddenly spelling ‘staff’ as ‘staph’? Isn’t staph a horrible disease?! Haven’t we had enough with diseases?! You make some good points. It may seem ironic or perhaps even too soon with the current climate but the truth is Sierra Camp summer staff has been referred to as “staph” for a very, very long time. There are all kinds of stories and legends for why, but what we’ve heard is that it’s another symbol of staph taking their jobs seriously, while not taking themselves too seriously. Of embracing goofiness and executing silliness in a seriously beautiful way. And also—the kind-hearted, sparkly energy of staph is, in fact, contagious.