Our Staff

Management Team 2018

Our Stanford Sierra Camp management team is composed of passionate, kind hearted, intelligent, hard working, zany individuals that are brought together from all different walks of life by their love for and desire to give their all to Camp. This team keeps Camp thriving. Can you tell we love our managers?


– Dave Bunnett: Director and CEO

Dave is responsible for the overall management of the facility.  With over 30 years at Camp, Dave can take on virtually any issue that arises.  When Dave isn’t running around Camp, he and his wife Tamara have another full-time job: raising their two lovely and charismatic daughters, Danica and Tatum.

Whatz Website Bio Pic_Leanna 2018
– Leanna Castro: Assistant Camp Director

Leanna assists with year-round operational management (and is one of Camp’s EMTs!), in addition to organizing & overseeing the summer program and hiring the summer staph. Leanna first started at Camp during undergrad with 4 magical & growth-filled summers as a summer stapher where she worked across a variety of roles from 2011-2014  — as a Kitchen Staffer, a Snoopers Counselor (5-6 yr olds) for two summers, and as a Suaves Counselor (13-14 yr olds). She graduated Stanford, Class of 2014 with a degree in Human Biology, before working as a patient advocate and health care coordinator for 3 years. Originating from the Sierra Nevada, Leanna feels most at home amidst granite and cool alpine streams and enjoys spending her time with family & friends through backpacking, hiking, camping, board games, getting lost in a good book together and most anything outside, as well as pursuing her passions within rural health care and community health. She’d love to chat about any and all things Camp, as well as more general musings on this wild, juicy life — come say hello!

1385649_10101734228948175_448332700_n– Matty Hayes: Conference Staff Director

Matty is a man of the people – responsible for hiring the spring and fall staff, creating their schedules, and making sure conference seasons run smoothly.  Matty hails from Hendersonville, TN and enjoys all things outdoors: mountain biking, snowboarding, camping and taking boats out on the lake. He loves his wife, Samantha, and enjoys sharing his life at Fallen Leaf with her.

Kat van Alebeek_Whatz Bio Pic  Katarina van Alebeek: Summer Staff Director (2021)

Kat is so so SO excited to be returning to the Camp family this year as Summer Staph Director! She will work throughout the spring to onboard and train our glorious summer staph. Come summer, she will return to Fallen Leaf Lake to support the unfolding of what will be an extraordinary 2021 summer experience. Her past Camp credentials include working in the Chicken (summer 2018), as part of the school year’s 2018-2019 & 2019-2020 Stanford student Interview Committee as both a Coordinator for Diversity & Inclusion and the Staph Community Coordinator, and as a Yahoos counselor (summer 2019). Graduating in June 2019 with a Bachelors in Political Science, Kat sat down and decided to continue living the dream of “all Camp, all the time”, or at least for the next year. Come chat with Kat about any and all things Camp — she’d love to meet you!

t5YToJUzMR3feyvz8sj77DPdBI5F-BM5MUseR8lmFfc2coMOyyAYI6iVP6VVbkqgGZPwb23fBfHmh5wmheYsJYw6XNP_1rp5TUXq2d6L2zqqOEsWhXMAMPO5eCEwticrddqc3FVbj78WFryUyy19tT1-sDZU-16q9xQh_mJD7K-eQuRZjAiMkw8fre1fRa6uq0enn6SzuL2kPdklSyOgG– Millie McCandless: Front Office Manager

Millie works with conference season coordinators to orchestrate a smoothly-running program in addition to answering any of your questions regarding our programs.  In her free time, Millie loves to travel! She has been all over the world, including Antarctica for 6 months in the winter!

Carrie Webb: Reservations Manager

As our reservations manager, Carrie handles the reservations for our summer program and Stanford affiliated conference programs.  During the week, she is here to handle any reservation questions you may have.  Carrie loves riding horses, hiking and gardening in her yard.

Natalie DeVane_Bio Pic_Reservations Assistant Manager

Natalie DeVane: Reservations Assistant Manager

Natalie works alongside Carrie to ensure your reservations are up-to-date and ready to go prior to your summer arrival. She is a SoCal transplant who is so happy to be among the beauty and community at Fallen Leaf Lake, SSC!

samSamantha Hayes Front Office Assistant Manager

A Maine baby but Virginia native, Samantha found her way to Camp in 2015, beginning as an All Purpose staffer before transitioning to Evening Office Assistant. She is a talented mountain biker, loves animals, her husband, Matty, and soft pretzels – not necessarily in that order.

EkOXSCT6mJESriC4ajW2-Bruy4nxolDtMv87q05vx7iohr3Pck3efynpaZDhj8FROq44wk9qx0ZVxlB59_iBsWfYHZFMKYgGFkRC6PJRiGDc6Sb6GZxLLy4QDMBQxh2KufNFADEr3NKwFjU_jWR_sW1jUntWjv2rVXty3mfXopgPzZhNMyxFANqLTxEt3rO8UrxCOLbUWyI89I3cl1mCZTegan Ludwig: Director of Human Resources

Tegan oversees all of the Human Resource & Accounting functions for Stanford Sierra Camp. Tegan’s main focus is taking care of our team members and ensuring they have a unique and one-of-a-kind working experience. She stands by her belief in an open door policy by creating open lines of communication. When Tegan isn’t out at Camp, she is located at our Town Office. During her free time, Tegan enjoys wake boarding, snowboarding, volleyball, running, softball, climbing and just about anything outdoors.

Morgan Marshall: Sales and Marketing Director

Morgan works to book and organize the many conferences, weddings, retreat groups, and businesses that visit Camp in the spring and fall.  When not working, you can find Morgan geocaching in the local vicinity, doing a crossword at the picnic tables, or displaying his talents on the volleyball court.

Rachel Bush-Bio Pic

Rachel Bush: Fountain Manager

Born and raised in the lush nut farms of Chico, California, Rachel made her way to Stanford Camp in fall of 2013, and quickly came to love the people, the mountains, and all the fire hot cart food. You may recognize her from her years serving up milkshakes and other goodies as Fountain Assistant. This year you’ll see her organizing sundries and establishing her inspired creations as the new Fountain Manager. When she’s not in the Fountain, you might find her roaming around hiking trails, or groovin’ on the dance floor, because as she always says “if you can’t find me on the dance floor, you’re not looking hard enough.”

janJan Schlereth: Head of Housekeeping

Jan is responsible for making sure that your stay is as cozy and clean as possible. In addition to overseeing all things housekeeping, Jan also manages our new ceramics program! In her off-time, Jan has taken to overseas travel and especially enjoys working with animals.

-Casey Dattola: Head of Housekeeping Assistant

Casey comes to Stanford Sierra from San Francisco, CA as part of our housekeeping staff. She loves everything outdoors and all things food. When Casey isn’t working to keep the property spotless, you can find her painting a masterpiece or lost in the mountains…good luck finding her!

Dave Dennis: Executive Chef

Dave, also known as “D”, oversees all kitchen and dining room services.  Dave is responsible for creating the dynamic and flavorful menus for all seasons and has an acute eye for delicious foods.  In his free time, Dave enjoys hiking, biking, and spending time with his son.


Tara Crowley: Executive Sous Chef

Tara hails from Cleveland, Ohio and has been here at Camp since Spring 2013.  She brings her extraordinary culinary skills each day to make delicious meals for all to enjoy.

Stephanie Jee - Sous Chef– Stephanie Jee: Sous Chef

Stephanie is originally from San Francisco, but is very excited to call Fallen Leaf her home. She has spent a lot of time in different kitchens throughout her life and is thrilled to be working in the kitchen here at camp this summer. In her off-time Stephanie can be found out on the lake fishing or on a good hike.

– Connor Daily: Sous Chef

Connor has been with camp since the Fall of 2015, spending long hours on the hot line of the kitchen, spicing up dishes with his urban flare. From Bensalem, PA, just outside Philadelphia, Connor loves dogs, cats, and volunteering for local campaigns. He is always willing to talk politics or discuss his favorite episodes of The Office. Connor is currently the “lead cook” in the kitchen, responsible for turning out only the best of foods on a nightly basis. He also loves extra sharp cheddar cheese.

alisha  -Alisha Burtt: Dining Room Manager

Bruce Campodonico: Head of Maintenance & Department of Plant Operations

Bruce brings excellent carpentry skills and attention to detail to his job maintaining the grounds.  You will see Bruce’s unique and beautiful wood trim fixtures in various places around the lodge.  Bruce is also an artist, avid reader, and has a wealth of historical knowledge.

-Tom Gandt
: Lead Carpenter

Jason Stock - Whatz Bio Pic-Jason Stock: Maintenance Engineer, DOPO

Jason found his way to Camp back in the fall of 2008 and has since then made it his home.  He can be found working on everything from electrical issues to the Camp’s wireless Internet.  He is a vinyl record collector and enjoys learning about new sources for alternative energy and living sustainably.  Don’t hesitate to ask him for help when it comes to any maintenance issues, he is very knowledgeable in many areas.

Jason Ring - Whatz Bio PicJason Ring: DOPO, Maintenance

Jason, you can call him Jay, moved to the mountains of Lake Tahoe from Iowa in the summer of 2008.  He enjoys the views of Fallen Leaf Lake every morning from his cabin. He can be seen all around Camp either painting or doing a number of other beautification projects.

john-gelinas_maintenance-iii-e1555021424273.jpg– John Gelinas: DOPO, Maintenance

 John is New Hampshire born and raised but has been traveling seasonally for a few years now. This will be his 7th year at Camp! He’s in to music, film, writing, dancing, and good conversation. You’ll probably find him telling jokes to anyone who will listen or planning above and beyond social events for the staph.

Zach Sonoga_Maintenance III

– Zach Sonoga: DOPO, Maintenance

Zach, a passionate runner from Dearborn, Michigan has been lending his hands to Camp since 2015. He likes cats, traveling and sports – especially when Michigan is involved. You’ll often see him running through Camp, coming back from one of his ultra-runs. Look him up on Strava and ask for Zach if you’re interested in accompanying him on a guided trail run!


– Jonny Dacus: Night Watch

Jonny escaped the bonds of oppressively humid summers and cold for nothing winters of Hendersonville Tennessee in 2013.  He somehow meandered his way to Lake Tahoe that Spring and has spent the majority of his time here since then.  Things he’s into: long walks on Baby Beach, baby animal gifs, and getting his hair braided.  Things he’s super into: painting minis, spending time in his van ‘Helga’ exploring back roads, enjoying every single thing that our little home in the woods has to offer.  He’s super excited about this summer here at camp and looks forward to seeing everyone.

Perma-Staph (3 seasons)

Bio Pic- Sam Howland
– Sam Howland: Night Watch Relief

Sam hails from the plains of central Illinois but has spent much of the last few years building trails and being a lumberjack in Montana, Alabama and Nevada. Last year, he took on the black of the Night’s Watch and is looking forward to another great year.  Sam is always looking for new adventures and new friendly faces.

– Currently Hiring!:
Fountain Assistant

Contact our Director of Human Resources Tegan Ludwig at tludwig@stanford.edu for more information!

Mason Agner: Kitchen

Mason, AKA the Boy King of Roanoke Virginia, is here on his first venture out to the West coast. He worked his first season the spring of 2016 and fell in love! He is very excited to continue cultivating his love for baking in the kitchen during baking hours before heading off to fish and camp. In his free time Mason likes working out, being the cutest person at Camp, and wrestling bears with his best pal Derek Lynn.

– Kaitlyn Chasse
: Kitchen

Kaitlyn comes all the way from the east coast, hailing from the tiny town on Coventry, CT. She is currently the breakfast chef, but wears many hats in the kitchen, including baker, plater, and candlestick maker, and has even done a winter stint, constructing a number of lovely hang-outs around camp. Kaitlyn has been with us since the Spring of ’14 and has no plans to leave just yet.

– Avery Nuutinen: Kitchen

A current core member of the kitchen staph, Avery is a sous chef-in-training. A lover of bacon, white rice, and nothing else, his palate is as keen as any Michelin star chef. Avery got his culinary start in his hometown of Appleton, WI, putting cheese on everything, including fried cheese curds, and hasn’t looked back. Any cheese dish (or bacon) coming from the kitchen has the delicate touch of Avery written all over it.

– Phil Reitveld: Kitchen

Phil is also a Wisconsin boy, arriving with his cousin Avery from Appleton to likewise join the kitchen here at SSC. Unlike Avery, Phil is lover of all foods, especially Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. An avid fisherman, he can always be found at the Glen Alpine Creek, rod in one hand, trout in the other, fighting off bears attempting to steal his hard day’s work.

– Stevie Smith: Kitchen

A member of the kitchen staph for his second summer, Stevie Wonderful spends his spring and fall as an AP staph member for the conference season at SSC. Also from Bensalem, PA, he went to college in Philadelphia then made his way to California and found himself at camp and fell in love. Stevie is an avid reader and writer, channeling his inner John Steinbeck while on Fallen Leaf, and can always be seen with a cup of coffee before bed.

All Staph Photo 2019

For our 2021 Summer Experience we are employing 40 summer staph, in a mystically magical combination of current and former Stanford students to bring imagination, creativity, innovation, and passionate ideas into this year’s amended summer program.  Whether working on mechanical engineering or art history majors or bringing their professional experience back to Camp, these staphers provide a vibrancy that energizes and drives Camp throughout the summer.

Summer Staph 2019

A.J. Aldana

Hometown: Temecula, CA

Major: Product Design

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Try new coffee, boulder, hang with friends

I could talk all day about: fonts, the outdoors, photography, mental health, and education

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… product design, product management, or education

A little more about A.J. (2020): A.J. is back at it again for a third summer here at Stanford Sierra Camp. After ~exploring~ the SS(Sea) over a summer with the Munchkins (2017), ~hiring~ a dope Staph during the 2018 school year as a Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion, and ~ripping~ across the glass every day on Ski Dock (2018), A.J. is so stoked to be back this summer as a ~*SUAVES*~ counselor!!!

If you bump into A.J. around camp, feel free to chat him up about his passion for education, his affinity for good design, or his newfound interest in craft beers. In his senior year at Stanford, A.J. is going to be the RA of Casa Italiana and will be a Senior Class president. He’s been involved all over campus including media producing for ~Stanford University Dance Marathon~, taking an executive position on the board for ~Sigma Phi Epsilon~, and staffing the all-frosh dorm, ~Cedro~.

Beyond campus, A.J. is interested in the outdoors – anything from hiking, to bouldering, to snowshoeing, to photography! He is so stoked to be back with the Sierra Camp family and is excited to see you at Camp!

Bio Pic- Isabella Ampil (1)
Izzy Ampil

Hometown: White Plains, NY

Major: English (creative writing concentration, prose track) with a minor in Art Practice or Bio (I think!)

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: dance, walk around in the sun listening to audiobooks, pick fruit and boulder/climb trees in the quad

I could talk all day about: backpacking in Vermont, road tripping in California, indie music, Asian-American art & identity, my friends and family, bits of writing I keep on my wall, why Shake Shack is better than In n Out, also astrology but I’m embarrassed about it

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… creative non-fiction writing & journalism, visual arts, art history, music, earth sciences, neuroscience, bioethics

A little more about Izzy (2021): Izzy just finished her sophomore year and is super stoked for her first summer at Sierra Camp!! In addition to everything else already said, she likes etymology, shrimp crackers, singing, spy movies, stand-up comedy, and climbing. (She loves climbing. Tell her she looks like a ~real climber~ and you’ll make her day.) Having gone back and forth between the arts and sciences for a while, she’s decided that what she loves about both is the storytelling involved, and now she’s chasing that. She would love to trade stories with you and hear about your many adventures! Back on campus, she’s been doing graphic design for a fashion magazine and working at the Outdoor Center. She’s aiming to start her own magazine with a couple friends, work more with kids with disabilities, meditate regularly, and go abroad in the winter. Ask her about any of these things and she’ll be thrilled to tell you! She also wants to get better at longboarding but hasn’t gotten on one since she wiped out next to Wilbur Field in front of everyone. (You can ask her about that, too, but it’s a very short story involving her being bad at longboarding and not much else.)

Bio Pic- Susi Margarita Arguello
Susi Arguello

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Major: Political Science, Theater and Performance Studies

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: perform in plays and musicals, go on hikes, and read outside

I could talk all day about: representation and accessibility of the arts, riddles, good books, podcasts, improv philosophy, and good food

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Journalism, Theater and the Arts , Law, Human Rights Advocacy, Social Justice, Small Business, Non-Profit Organizations

A little more about Susi (2020):  Susi is so stoked to be back for her third summer in a row at SSC! She spent her first summer bounding around the Sierras as hiking leader, and relished the second summer goofing around with the Menehunes. Always chasing change and new experiences, Susi’s ready to be your fearless Office Assistant this summer! (((Being a second year returning Staph member means that Sus knows all the secrets… So ask her about the mermaids, the secret recipes and where we keep the fairy dust!)))

Katarina van Alebeek

Hometown: Portland, OR

Major: Political Science

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: lounge in the sun and read, socialize at the coffee house, stroll the rodin sculpture garden

I could talk all day about: ethics! and film!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… film and entertainment, or philanthropic and non-profit work

A little more about Kat (2019): Kat(arina) just graduated in June with a degree in Political Science. She grew up mostly in Portland, Oregon, though she’s originally from Amsterdam (in the Netherlands). Being recently graduated, she’s been thinking a lot about life’s big questions: what do I do with my life? how do I do what I love? how can I spend the most time with the people I love? how do I balance loving my work and loving things outside of work? what are taxes? how do adults make friends? how much is a normal amount to spend on groceries? (She hears that millennials are generally overspending on avocado toast.) If you have thoughts or advice to share on any of the above topics, she’d love to listen and learn. Otherwise, Katarina loves to talk about 1. movies that make you rethink your worldview 2. travel that’s challenged you 3. food that makes you happy 4. what it means to be empathetic 5. her recently toe injury + surgery (yay biocartilage!) 6. ethics in the real world 7. growing up between multiple cultures 8. and any and all music

Bio Pic- Hannah Yael Berke
Hannah Berke

Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Major: Political Science/ Urban Studies

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: dance embarrassingly (but honestly this is in class as well), run Lake Lag, eat with new people in the dining all and share life stories

I could talk all day about: Chattanooga and the South, urbanism, letter writing, the perks of diet lemonade

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… political science, human rights, algorithmic justice, education, design, urban planning, ethics

A little more about Hannah (2022): If you don’t catch Hannah cooking up some wild new craft for the week you can probably find her soaking up the beautiful sun and talking about how excited she is for her first summer at camp! Look out for all types of sewing (Hannah’s favorite pastime) among the craft offerings this year. If you want to know a few more personal facts about Hannah, she has a very specific opinions on pasta shapes, and a knack for Apples to Apples. As much as she tries to live in the present and embrace each moment of her Stanford experience, Hannah is counting down the days till she gets to be at the enchanting place that is camp!!!!

Bio Pic - Matt King Bernstein
Matt Bernstein

Hometown: Hartsdale, NY

Major: English/Creative Writing

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: improv, performing with the Shakespeare Company, and writing 🙂

I could talk all day about: improv, the ARTS, storytelling, and his current favorite TV show, “The OA”

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… entertainment, writing, television/film, video game development

A little more about Matt (2020): Matt is BEYOND stoked to be back for a second summer at Sierra Camp with the Midorees after a jam-packed junior year at Stanford. If you see him around, ask him about the novel he wrote last fall, his quarter abroad at Oxford, the ~improv lifestyle~, or that thrilling time he was born four months early.

Ariel Bong

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Major: Mechanical Engineering w/ minor in CS

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: rugby, throw concerts, hike

I could talk all day about: Atlanta musical artists and their influence on the US music scene

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… mechatronics, autonomous driving, control or systems engineering, medtech, sustainable development

A little more about Ariel (2019): After my first summer a couple years ago, I knew there was no other place I wanted to complete my Stanford experience besides Sierra Camp. I was born in Yaounde, Cameroon but have lived in Atlanta ever since I was two. Long term, the dream is to do sustainable development in my birth country, but in the meantime, I plan to get hands on experience in the tech world (talk to me about my time working in India last summer). I’m always willing to have a conversation about trap music, sports, current class and race relations in America, and ways tech and empathy can change the lives of people. Looking forward to a great summer as a Teens counselor.

Eva Borgwardt

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: History

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Go on long walks with friends, commune with passing dogs, hang out on my front porch and watch the world go by, make mind-blowing smoothies, DANCE

I could talk all day about: Community organizing, Judaism, theater

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Politics, human rights, theater/arts, advocacy, environmental and foreign policy

A little more about Eva (2019): Eva has lived in Palo Alto, Utah, Missouri, and New Hampshire, but is so beyond stoked to have come home to Fallen Leaf Lake for a third summer and to be working with the teens. Talk to her about protest movements, her perilous encounter with a flying squirrel, backpacking in Central America, Judaism (and spirituality/religion in general), her shot-for-shot reenactment of Mamma Mia, or anything you care deeply about.

Bio Pic- Johnathan Andrew Bridges

Johnathan Bridges

Hometown: Huntsville, Tennessee

Major: International Relations

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Gaieties, Gaieties, and Gaieties

I could talk all day about: Human rights and politics and anything of that nature, but also creative things like writing and film! I love it all!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… The entertainment industry or politics!

A little more about Johnathan (2021): I’m a bit southern and I love line-dancing! And writing! And having fun! I’m passionate about creativity and photography and I’m happy to talk with you about anything!

Bio Pic- Madeline Monet Bubb
Madeline Bubb

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

Major: Film and Media Studies with a concentration in writing and practice

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Taking longer walks around campus to try to run into different friends I don’t normally see, wandering around Cantor Art Museum, playing spike ball and picnicking at the oval!

I could talk all day about: Films (any and all of them… one of my personal favorites is the Hunt for Red October), Sailing!!, mental health, the beach or really anything water related, Planet Earth (I love learning about animals), and honestly would love to learn all about you and your family!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Film!!! (Fields in film I’m particularly interested in pursuing are producing and writing but love learning about the whole industry in general), law, mental health

A little more about Bubb (2020): Bubb (whose first name is Madeline but tends to go by her last name Bubb) is from the wonderful city of Newport Beach; which for those of you that don’t know, it is a coastal city located directly in between LA and San Diego. She is beyond excited for her very first summer at camp and cannot wait to meet you all and hopefully take you for a spin on the water.  Bubb will be this year’s SAILING COACH but also loves to talk some come hang with her around camp whether it be sailing, going for a dip in the lake, singing songs by the fire (she can’t sing but likes to pretend she can), debating what 1990s movie is the best, playing a game of cards or corn hill (tho I must warn you… she is very competitive) or just talking about your life story, Bubb cannot wait!!!

Kaitlyn Choe

Hometown: Lawrenceville, Georgia

Major: (Prospective) Human Biology

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Reading on the Meyer Green; singing, dancing, and thinking with my friends; sketching/reflecting at Lake Lag

I could talk all day about: The importance of self-reflection; writing; the process of becoming who we are and the journey towards who we will become

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Medicine, creative writing, policy/advocacy; Asian-American representation and identity; art; musical theater; education; psychology

A little more about Kaitlyn (2022): Kaitlyn, with the help of her incredible friends and the In the Heights soundtrack, just completed her first year at Stanford, which she probably won’t believe even if you told her. She loves having California as a second home but still carries her family and the suburbs of Atlanta in her heart and on her shoulders. If you can’t find her on the grass and writing, she’s probably somewhere thinking about the state of the world, having conversations about how to improve the state of the world, or trying to appreciate the state of her world more, of which Sierra Camp is one of the most beautiful additions thus far. Please feel free to ask her anything! As much as she thinks about the world at large, she also wants to know all about yours (:

Bio Pic- Zoe Elizabeth Clute
Zoe Clute

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

Major: Human Biology, Education Minor

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Being silly with my children’s theater group, adventuring with Stanford’s Outdoor House, completing many arts & crafts projects passionately but not particularly well

I could talk all day about: Mixing science and the humanities, strange animal species, ethics, picture books

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Mental health care, educational work

A little more about Zoe (2020):

When Zoe came to camp last year

Her eyes were wide and all was new

She laughed, she sang, she shed some tears

And now she’s back, for camp round two.

With Snoopers find her lost in games,

Creating stories, songs, and friends,

And improv is her claim to fame –

She really likes to play pretend.

A senior she will be this fall,

Quite happy with her busy days

Teaching with kids and spending all

Her time working to find new ways

To see the world, and what’s inside

To take her friends on hikes and runs

She never did feel satisfied

By sitting still and being done.

There’s more to learn! To read! To know!

There’s countless things for her to do

She thinks there’s always room to grow

(But room for fun and playing, too).

Zoe would also love to write more poems in meter with you. When she’s not with the Snoops, she can be found applying rhinestones to Staphers’ faces, making copious quantities of tea, and being generally excited about the world. She is SO happy to be back at Camp and can’t wait to meet you!


Natalie Cross

Hometown: Ames, Iowa

Major: Undeclared

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Hammocking in the trees outside of my dorm on a sunny day, drinking lots and lots of boba, and hiking the dish with my pals.

I could talk all day about: Conservation, environmental justice, and animals…especially otters, I really love otters.

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… the environment, earth sciences, biology, veterinary medicine and animals. I’m also really interested in the work done in fields related to poverty, food insecurity, inequality and non-profit work.

A little more about Natalie (2022): Natalie just finished her freshman year at Stanford, during which she struggled through many chemistry classes all while making some incredible friendships and memories. She is from the town of Ames, Iowa, which is smack-dab in the middle of the country. You’ve probably passed over her house the last time you were on a flight across the country so be sure to wave next time you pass by. Natalie loves peanut butter, papaya and cheese (but not all at the same time). She has been obsessed with animals and the outdoors for as long as she can remember and hopes to build a future career doing some sort of animal rehabilitation and/or conservation work. She is beyond excited to spend this summer at the absolutely beautiful Sierra Camp with the ADORABLE snoopers!! When she’s not working a shift, you might see her around camp relaxing in a hammock with a good book or working on refining her currently non-existent guitar playing skills. She’s always down to talk but be warned it is highly likely that any conversation will include her showing you pictures of her dogs (whom she loves and misses very much).

bio-pic-ethan-cruikshank-e1555779763905.jpgEthan Cruikshank

Hometown: Hanover, Virginia

Major: Symbolic Systems, Minoring in Ethics in Society

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Playing board games, visiting gardens, and watching old films!

I could talk all day about: The stars, donuts, or distributive justice.

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Ethics and tech!

A little more about Ethan (2020): Ethan is PUMPED to return to Sierra Camp this summer and spend time with the Menehunes!  He grew up in charming rural Virginia where he gained passions for folk music, donuts, and festivals.  He absolutely loves road trips and has trekked all the way across the United States several times – now he’s in love with many parts of the country and he would love to talk to you all about them!  Also ask him about his secret technique to roast the perfect marshmallow, about how he thinks cupcakes should be eaten, about his passion for gardens, about making podcasts, and DEFINITELY ask him about the stars!

Stella Delp

Hometown: Stanford, CA

Major: Human Biology: Brain & Behavior

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Run in nature, practice yoga, and chill at Philz coffee

I could talk all day about: Dogs, Veganism, Mental Health, Camp Winnarainbow, Love and the Human/Animal connection

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Psychology, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Earth Science

A little more about Stella (2022): Born and raised in Stanford California, it was just too beautiful for Stella to leave. She takes advantage of the beautiful landscape as much as possible through dog walking, hiking, backpacking, running, skiing and bouldering.

Stella is an absolute dog (lover). Her ultimate goal to interact with every dog in the world. She believes that we humans have so much to learn about empathy, love, compassion, and forgiveness from canines.

She is SO super excited to have the opportunity to share the gift of yoga with the Stanford Sierra Camp community. She began her practice when she was just a young sprout, only 4 years old or so, and then deepened her practice in high school when she embodied the healing and therapeutic aspects of yoga. Ask her what her favorite vegan dish is!

Lizzie Dowdle

Hometown: Everett, WA

Major: American Studies, minors in Education and Theatre and Performance Studies

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Performing in Ram’s Head shows, spending way too much time at Late Night, daydreaming about how my life would be if I were a golden retriever

I could talk all day about: History!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Education (outreach & programming), museum studies, and the intersection between teaching and performance!

A little more about Lizzie (2022): She is a freshman at Stanford! She grew up outside of Seattle, WA (yes, it does rain ALL the time–the stereotype is real!). In her spare time, she loves to spend time with friends, sing her heart out to showtunes, and argue about the pronunciation of the word “bagel”. Have a chat with her about theatre, book recommendations, or the importance of planting bee gardens. She is stoked to be a Midorees Counselor this summer, and she can’t wait to meet you!

Ellie Dunn
Chicken & Mountain Biking Instructor

Hometown: Driggs, Idaho? Jackson, Wyoming? Ask me about it!

Major: International Relations or History

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Blast out bops on the tuba with LSJUMB, do a crossword with friends (who knew crosswords were social?!), explore!

I could talk all day about: Behavioral economics, bikes, foreign policy, coffee, skiing, speech and debate, small-town living, the housing crisis, my brother

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… International relations, non-profit work, the outdoor industry

A little more about Ellie (2022): Ellie grew up building elaborate forts in the woods, dancing at local music festivals and concerts (bluegrass, anyone?), and racing bikes and skis. Most of her favorite memories are from her home mountains: the Tetons, but she is very excited to get to know some new mountains and lakes this summer. Some of her proudest achievements are as follows: 1. She can play one song on the banjo, two songs on the piano, and more than two songs on the tuba, 2. She knows the coffee order of most Driggs locals, 3. Her berry pie is award winning, and 4. She has made her own hula-hoop. If you want to get her attention, toss a frisbee at her, shuffle a deck of cards, start brewing coffee, or give her a high five!

Rozy Eastaugh
Kids Group Coordinator

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Major: Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Long walks off campus to admire the local flora and fauna, impromptu dance parties outside in the rain, staying up til 3am with friends discussing the meaning of life

I could talk all day about: Environmental justice, lakes, computational neuroscience, Unitarian Universalism / spirituality in general, mental health, Star Trek, and

anything you’re passionate about!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Engineering, biotechnology, energy policy, environmental advocacy, neuroscience, medicine, human rights advocacy/law, criminal justice reform, non-profit work, authors/poets

A little more about Rozy (2021): After a truly indescribable first summer at SSC, Rozy is so excited to be back home! Rozy spent her first summer proudly yelling the Yahoos chant, turning cleaning bathrooms into a silent disco party, and sharing countless meaningful late-night conversations with fellow staff. Working and living at camp fostered the most meaningful, joyful, and personally transformative summer she’s experienced yet. She learned and grew so much from her outstanding co-staff and endlessly curious 9 and 10 year olds, and she continues to be amazed at the Camp community’s celebration of hard work, playfulness, and self-expression. On campus, Rozy is involved in The Sexual Assault and Relationship Abuse Office, Students for a Sustainable Stanford, Sophomore Class Cabinet, and Stanford Outdoor Leadership. As KGC this summer, she’s humbled to help develop educational and engaging kids programming, as well as help cultivate a diverse, thoughtful, and passionate staph community.

Molly Fogarty

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Major: Human Biology, Minor in Spanish

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Live at the Haas Center for Public Service (yay 24-hour access!), ride the Marguerite, document my life through pictures/videos.

I could talk all day about: Public service, lactose, the social determinants of health!!!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Human Biology, Healthcare, NGOs/service work

A little more about Molly (2019): Molly Fogarty grew up in the “shadow of Stanford” and after making the long 1.5 mile scooter ride (better than a bike) to Stanford as a young Freshman she had no idea what to expect. She fell in love with the Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford immediately, and has enjoyed her time making excited announcements and colorful emails about ways for students to get involved in service! If she is not at the Haas Center, you most likely can find her at Philz Coffee because, as a local, she makes it her mission to convert anyone who still thinks Starbucks is adequate. Molly is making her return for a third summer at camp — this time as a Suaves Counselor!

Bio Pic- Deirdre Paula Francks
Deirdre Francks
Individual Instructor Coordinator

Hometown: Olympia, WA

Major: Earth Systems (loosely concentrating in economics, ethics, & data science)

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Run the dish and/or jog Lake Lag while catching up on podcasts, go to sleep (relatively) early, fortuitously bump into friends and spend the afternoon together!

I could talk all day about: Effective Altruism (I’m not actually an effective altruist, but I have spent A LOT of time thinking about this movement — its pros and cons, interesting applications in the real world, and its philosophical underpinnings). I would love to talk to any guests who are familiar with EA or want to learn more or have any thoughts at all on the matter!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Data science, global development, earth science, sustainability, environmental law/policy, philosophy/ethics

A little more about Deirdre (2020): Deirdre is a junior from Olympia, Washington who could not be more excited to return to Camp for a second summer. Last year, Deirdre was the Kids’ Naturalist, Boat Dock Coordinator, and also dabbled in teaching yoga, driving Boatster, splashing in the lake, leading Women’s Breakfast, popularizing the Camp skort, and exploring all Camp has to offer. This year, she’s returning as the Individual Instructor Coordinator and can’t wait to help all of the individual instructors create an unforgettable summer of SSC activity and growth! You can ask Deirdre about eating peanut butter on everything, learning data science in the coolest class she’s taken at Stanford, studying overseas in Hawai’i, and how much she misses her skort.

Lauren Frost

Hometown: Eagle River, Alaska

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Softball, play sand volleyball and corn hole, eat donuts (with sprinkles of course)

I could talk all day about: My dogs, Stanford Softball, Captain America and Marvel

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Mechanical design and product design, medical devices, geriatrics and pediatrics, professional sports industry

A little more about Lauren (2019): Lauren just finished her senior year at Stanford and is beyond stoked to return to the beautiful shores of Fallen Leaf Lake for her second summer as a HUNES COUNSELOR!!! She’s so excited for all of the energy, laughs, chants, and smiles the Hunes bring to Camp and she can’t wait to feel 7 years old again. Being from Alaska, Lauren is a huge fan of the outdoors, cold weather, long summer days, only having one highway to navigate, moose, and digging snow tunnels in her front yard. She just finished up her lifelong athletic career and would love to get new ideas for how to stay active!

Bio Pic- Micah Harry GaltonMicah Galton

Hometown: Burnsville NC

Major: Psychology/Neuroscience

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Outdoor adventures, long and spirited conversations, and naps.

I could talk all day about: Free will, neuroscience, politics, nature, the interaction between evolution and culture , podcasts, and the future of humanity.

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Psychology, academia, politics, nature, tech, startups, finance, or who wants to talk to me.

A little more about Micah (2022): Micah just finished his freshman year at the wonderful Stanford University. He grew up in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, half an hour away from a small town of 1,600 people. Before moving to Stanford he lived (by choice) in a poorly insulated hundred-year-old converted corn crib that he kept warm by burning the wood that he had split. He grew up exploring the vast wilderness behind his house. Micah loves cooking, the outdoors, and books.

Bio Pic- Katherine Anna GjertsenKatherine Gjertsen

Hometown: Winnetka, IL

Major: Symbolic Systems (hopefully minoring in humbio!)

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Playing lacrosse, roller blading with good friends, having tea parties

I could talk all day about: Musicals, psychology and ethics in neuroscience, black labs, four year plans

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Neuroscience, Guide dog training, tech

A little more about Katherine (2021): Katherine is a sophomore from Winnetka, Illinois who loves all things Chicago–deep dish,  the cubs, and the lake! #freshcoastbestcoast. She grew up going to a summer camp in Michigan and could not be more excited to bring her passion for all things camp related to  Fallen Leaf this summer! When not thinking or talking about camp, she usually spends her time obsessing over the human brain or attempting to learn essential skills such as beatboxing, rubix cubing, knitting or cup stacking.  If you have any fun hobbies or skills, she would love for you to teach and share! However, whatever it is she is doing, she always prefers to be outside surrounded by trees. She also loves being a member of the Stanford Women’s Lacrosse team and is thankful for her teammates who she shares her best Stanford memories with. She’s so excited to learn more about all of you and spend an amazing summer with the Yahoos!

BioPic - Caroline Rose Hallee

Caroline Hallee

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Major: Undeclared

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Getting caught up in good conversations at Coupa Cafe, jogging around Lake Laug, and going surfing or skiing with friends

I could talk all day about: Music, my love for Northern California, the art that moves you and what you find powerful about it, stories from road trips and other adventures, the importance of the humanities, environmental justice, nature photography

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Everything and anything! Especially writing, journalism, music, psychology, design, and environmentalism.

A little more about Caroline (2022):  Sierra Camp counsellors were the first people to teach Caroline how to tie her shoes and make s’mores, and she can’t wait to share her love for SSC with the next generation of guests as a munchkins counselor this summer. Caroline just finished her first year at Stanford and has loved exploring all it has to offer, especially getting to know some of the people that make it special. She’s happiest whenever she gets a chance to be outdoors, whether she’s surfing, backpacking, skiing, climbing, or just looking up at the stars.

Cody Hankins
Ski Dock

Hometown: Canyon Lake, CA

Major: Computer Science

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: run the dish, ski Tahoe powder, and ski Tahoe glass

I could talk all day about: traveling, electronic music, computers, why SoCal is heaven on earth

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… tech + Venture Capital!!

A little more about Cody (2019): I just graduated! Wow! Coming back for a victory lap at SSC is the best possible way to wrap up a dream of an undergraduate time at Stanford. Sierra Camp, staffing, working abroad, Outdoor House, Ski and Snowboard team: the list goes on. I am so grateful for everything, and can’t wait to spend these last three months teaching you guests how to shred Fallen Leaf! Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride…

I’ll be working for Asana, a startup in the Mission of SF in the fall, ask me about it 🙂

Bio Pic- Dylan Kylie Harding
Dylan Harding
Ski Dock Head

Hometown: Canada

Major: Computer Science

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: get off campus and go outside, watch documentaries, play words with friends

I could talk all day about: how breakfast is the best meal of the day

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… tech

A little more about Dylan (2019): Dylan spent the past two summers with the best job ever. After her first summer at Camp, she fell in love with water skiing, stargazing, and hanging out with kids (especially the Snoopers). She couldn’t say no to a second summer back on the Dock, and what do you know? She’s coming back again for round 3, this time as the head of Ski Dock! Back at Stanford, Dylan just graduated with a degree in Computer Science. She’s from a suburb near Toronto -ask her exactly where she’s from and she’ll get confused. She loves everything Canadian: hockey (Maple Leafs), being nice, and of course Beaver Tails (tasty treat). She also loves pickles and turtles. She’s so excited to be back on the ski dock this summer and is looking forward to months filled with fun!

Bio Pic- Jamie Grant Holmstrom
Jamie Holmstrom
Ski Dock

Hometown: Woodside, CA

Major: Undecided

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Surf, Play Guitar, Run

I could talk all day about: outdoor sports. deep philosophical questions.

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Environmentalism, philosophy, business, law, medicine, psychology, anything really!

A little more about Jamie (2022): Jamie just finished his freshmen year and is incredibly excited to be a part of the ski dock crew this summer. He loves to spend his time sliding around on the ocean,  mountains, and lakes. He enjoys a good book (recommendations always welcome), going for a meditative run, playing cribbage, laughing, and pluckin’ tunes on the gueetar.

Michelle Hull

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Major: American Studies with a concentration in Wellness Education

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: having dance parties at the Stanford post office, spending way too much time around the dinner table, and playing pranks on my roommate

I could talk all day about: how you have answered the big time life questions & navigated post-graduation land

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… education, storytelling, wellness, mental health, non-fiction writing, effective altruism, “voyages to the brink of moral extremity” (to quote Larissa MacFarquhar’s “Strangers Drowning”) & community organizing

A little more about Michelle (2019): Michelle is back for her third & final summer ready for lots of magic and play with Sierra Camp’s youngest explorers: the mighty, mighty Munchkins! As a lifelong lover of storytelling, make believe, and visits from mythical creatures, she could not be more excited to practice saying “yes and” for another thirteen weeks with kids who embrace radical silliness and insatiable curiosity. Michelle is excited to keep saying “yes and” to new adventures post-graduation and would love to hear any thoughts about meaning-making, choosing career paths, and courting joy in the adult world. She is feeling particularly angsty about the big life questions (…. in case that wasn’t clear) and is excited for meandering chats around the dinner table about lessons learned along the way.

Tim Isaacs

Hometown: San Mateo, CA

Major: History

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: a capella, musical theatre, teaching French cooking 🙂

I could talk all day about: chocolate chip cookies!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… food media, history, law, voice

A little more about Tim (2020): Tim is a senior from the Bay Area! He’s a sixth-generation Californian (total tree-hugger) who likes the outdoors. He LOVES food. Last summer, he went to culinary school abroad, and hopes to become a chef or a food writer after studying Culinary History at Stanford. Last year, he even taught a French Cooking course on campus! Tim also loves to sing musical theatre, opera, and a cappella. If you hear someone humming (or belting) a song around the corner, it’s probably him :)!

Kimurgor Kalya
Fitness Instructor

Hometown: Eldoret, Kenya

Major: Anthropology

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Yoga, zumba, swimming

I could talk all day about: Kenyan history, wild animals, Greek mythology.

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Research, tech, social entrepreneurship

A little more about Kalya (2022): I am an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys teaching others workout routines including yoga. I have a passion in hearing what everyone has to say and getting to see life from their end of the spectrum. I also enjoy team-building activities with a spice of competition.

bio-pic-maria-dantina-kent.pngMaria Kent

Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois

Major: Religious Studies (with a minor in Human Biology)

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Play guitar, Row!, nap 🙂

I could talk all day about: Juicy existentialism made live with currents of in-dwelling Spirituality…mmm delicious. But also definitely nature or whatever’s on your mind 🙂

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Human rights, environmental activity, music, religion and/or spirituality, medicine, athletics

A little more about Maria (2021): Hailing from a Western Suburb of Chicago has me positively aghast at the natural beauty of Northern California! I look forward to spending time outside with the kind and summer-sunshine-filled people of Sierra Camp. I count myself very lucky to be part of this fabulous adventure! Please approach me if you wish to discuss: 1. Having triplet older brothers! 2. Rowing for Stanford 3. Traditional Peruvian Cacao Ceremonies 4. Navigating the world with the directional sense of a four year old 5. Horses! 6. Sea Salt Caramel Talenti gelato…wow 7. Berrien Springs, Michigan 8. Christmas ravioli 9. Stanford experiences 10. Life experiences 🙂 I can’t wait to meet you!

Asa Kohrman

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Major: History

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: cook with friends, run the dish, spend time at the farm

I could talk all day about: sustainable agriculture, fermentation, movies, southwest China

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… agriculture, ethics, environmental policy, film, tech

A little more about Asa (2021): Asa grew up in Palo Alto, CA and Kunming, China. Last summer she worked in Shanghai (where she basically just ate soup dumplings for two months) and on an organic farm in California (where she made many goat, turkey, and cow friends). This is her first summer at Sierra camp and she can’t wait to get to know the guests and spend time in nature.

Kyle Laviana

Hometown: Suffield, Connecticut

Major: B.S. Symbolic Systems / M.A. Music Science & Technology

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Record music in CCRMA’s studios, make things in the Product Realization Lab, and sing with the Stanford Mendicants

I could talk all day about: the NBA

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Tech, design, and music … but open to all connections and actively looking for opportunities!

A little more about Kyle (2018, Coterm 2019): Wowowowow. I couldn’t stay away … back for a fourth summer!!! What a ride it’s been. Since my first summer as photographer back in 2016, I have graduated both undergrad and a co-terminal master’s program, studied abroad in Florence, went nearly three years without a haircut, learned how to weld, water ski, and waltz, and, above all, found myself. This being my last summer at camp, I would love to create some lasting connections with guests to take forward into both my professional career and my personal network. Please don’t hesitate to say hi! If you want to learn more about me, or missed me at camp and want to connect, you can reach me at https://laviana.me

Bio Pic- Sam Austin LaurinSam Laurin
Tennis Instructor

Hometown: Wilsonville, OR

Major: Management Science & Engineering

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Read outside, play tennis/soccer, play or listen to music

I could talk all day about: The future of work/technology

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Ethics, Venture Capital, Philosophy, non-CS tech, NYC

A little more about Sam (2019): Back for another summer, but this time with normal colored hair, Sam can emulate the most hipster of hipsters when necessary for survival thanks to his extensive training on the streets of Portland, OR. He was born with a penchant for accents and music, which has led him across the country and indeed the world in search of the sickest tunes and the most posh of enunciations. Come find ‘im matey if yerr wantn’ some treasure. Oh dear, he’s fallen in with the pirates again.

Bio Pic- Jimmy Khiem Trong Le
Jimmy Le

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Major: Mathematical and Computational Science (with a focus on computer science and also considering minors in Earth Systems and/or Education)

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Go on adventurous runs, take trips off campus with my lovely friends, and singing old trashy pop music with my friends late at night!

I could talk all day about: Come tell me your best jokes!!! Or talk to me about: Making Puppy Chow (not dog food), being a first-generation in college, growing up Vietnamese, Iowa, Running, agriculture, Fashion (this is a serious matter), computer science, and/or equity in our education systems. At the time of writing this, I pulled off a very amazing April Fools feat. Ask me about it.

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Machine Learning, Agri-Tech, Education (policy and teaching!), software development, start-ups, non-profit organizations.

A little more about Jimmy (2022): YOOO hey everyone 🙂  Jimmy realized greeting you may be breaking a fourth wall as he proceeds to write this in the third person, but that’s okay! After finishing his first year at Stanford, Jimmy is oh so ready to share tons of experiences with guests, campers, staph, and anyone he comes by. Growing up with his Vietnamese parents, he was taught from the very beginning the importance of having a caring and connected community, and Jimmy hopes he can make any interaction he has have that ~cozy, homey, smiley, big bear hug~ feeling to it. Jimmy assertively claims that Des Moines is the best city to raise a family, having run on so many of its trails, lived by and witnessed the rapid growth of its food culture, and perused through all of the cute little shops of the city. His freshman year achievements include getting kicked off the CalTrain, jumping into the San Francisco bay, and having arguably the most ostentatious door in his freshman dorm. His two biggest goals of the summer are to leave with a better sense of himself and to cultivate a home with those around him. NOW LET’S GO PLLAAAAYYYYYYY 😀

bio-pic-matt-theodore-lunde.jpegMatt Lunde

Hometown: East Bay, Pasadena, AND Denver!

Major: Management Science & Engineering

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Surf, play pick-up basketball, practice keyboard/ukulele

I could talk all day about: Stanford Athletics, Bay Area sports teams, comedy (stand-up and movies), his projects at wikiHow

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Sports business/marketing, Sports broadcasting, technology entrepreneurship, product management

A little more about Matt (2019): Hey hey! Matt is coming full circle back to Sierra Camp this summer. He previously worked with Midorees in Summer ’16, and is back for more capture the flag with the Midos this summer! He has moved around between the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Denver (ask him which is his favorite!). He just graduated from Stanford and is excited to be moving to New York in the fall to begin his career as a management consultant. He would love to hear from guests with experience in the field!

On campus, Matt was heavily involved with Stanford Athletics marketing department, specifically with the men’s basketball program (The 6th Man Club). He also was a member of SigEp and greatly enjoyed working as a sports broadcaster with Stanford KZSU 90.1 FM, which led him all over the world (ask him about broadcasting in Australia!!).

Bio Pic- Kevin Christopher Martin
Kevin Martin

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Major: Undeclared

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Sing, play bass, write/produce music

I could talk all day about: Politics, Music, fashion, travel

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Anything, I love to learn about new things

A little more about Kevin (2022): Hi! I’m really excited to get to know you. I really just love talking to anyone about anything at all because there are such interesting things that distinguish us and our experiences. Personally, I am heavily invested in music and would love to talk about music and get some music recommendations (or give some too!). Otherwise, I have some funny stories about what it was like doing sports in High School. I’d love to get to know you and hear your own stories as well!

Bio Pic- Sol Aurelia Martinez (1)
Sol Martinez

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Major: Undeclared (but probably American Studies!)

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Bike around the Arboretum, read or chat in the hammocks outside Larkin (so much Larkin Love!), and taste test iced soy mochas at all the cafés around campus

I could talk all day about: Education equity, gender issues and feminism, HGTV shows, and Mexican food (especially horchata!)

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Law, immigration policy, social justice/community organizing, education, historical research

A little more about Sol (2022): Sol just finished her first year at Stanford, and is beyond excited to be joining the Camp community this summer! On campus, she enjoys her job in the Alumni Communities department of the SAA, but she is definitely looking forward to working in a way more scenic office space as Office Assistant at Camp. She also loves dancing – whether spontaneously whenever a song floats into her head, or more formally with the group Ballet Folklórico de Stanford – trying out new vegetarian recipes, redecorating her dorm room to fit the season, watching classic movies at the Stanford Theatre, and learning from others’ personal stories. She is super excited to meet you and hear yours!

Bio Pic- Gordon Martinez-Piedra
Gordon Martinez-Piedra

Hometown: London, United Kingdom

Major: Undeclared

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Finding cool places to run, listening to reggaeton, tanning on Wilbur field

I could talk all day about: Football (Soccer), Physics, movies, travelling, and British dry humour

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Tech, applied physics, engineering, IR….honestly anything!!

A little more about Gordon (2022): He is a Freshman originally from the UK. His mum is Scottish, dad Cuban but he was raised in England and so is a little bit confused as to where he’s from. His parents moved to the US when he was 13 but he stayed in England for boarding school where he had some of the best times of his life. Living in London and topsy-turvy family means that he loves travelling and learning about new cultures. He also loves the outdoors and being active, particularly running and skiing, and spends a lot of his holidays in Wyoming. He is an chatterbox and while he listed a few of his favourite topics above, if you want to talk about absolutely anything, he’s your man. Fun fact: last summer Gordon and 5 of his friends swam the English Channel.

BIo Pic- Jack Robert McManis
Jack McManis
Kids Naturalist

Hometown: Mukilteo, WA

Major: Civil Engineering (Structures and Construction track) (Also a History minor!)

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Basking in the beautiful California sunshine, sending it on the climbing wall, and getting up early to make a huge breakfast before class.

I could talk all day about: All types of plants, animals, and ecosystems, but birds are my favorite! I am also a huge fan of projects, so I would love to talk about anything from building a cabin to making a homemade potato gun. Talk to me about your favorite period of history too: I love medieval Europe!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Structural engineering, architecture, construction management, or anything related to projects in the construction field!

A little more about Jack (2021): He was born and raised in beautiful Mukilteo, Washington, which means “good campground” in the native Salish language. Growing up, Jack found plenty of good campgrounds: from Washington’s untamed North Cascades to the arid Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico. Beyond camping, Jack rowed competitively during high school, and will do just about anything to get in a boat out on the water when the sun is out. He is also a bird bander, so if you have an interest in birds on a more hands on level, Jack would love to share what he knows and also to learn from you! Jack is also a total history nerd, and if you talk to him about history for long enough, he will probably try to convince you that the European “Dark” Ages really weren’t dark at all, or the Roman Empire still has profound impacts on our world today.

Bio Pic- Tony Moller
Tony Moller

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Major: Earth Systems

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Conduct the Stanford Band, lead tours at the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, try to catch those giant jackrabbits that come out at night on campus

I could talk all day about: Environmental ethics and the relationships and responsibilities humanity has to the natural world. And also potential job opportunities for environmental science majors. Asking for a friend.

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Environmental policy and law, land management, ecological science

A little more about Tony (2019): Born and raised among the redwood trees of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Tony spent his formative years working at the Christmas tree farm down the road before coming to school to become a Stanford tree and then deciding to literally study trees. This dude loves trees. And just like people begin to resemble their pets, Tony has slowly become more and more treelike throughout the years. You can identify him by his clusters of five needles on each limb (sugar pine!), his long, lanky stature (lodgepole pine!), his subtle musty scent (Jeffrey pine!), and the moss growing on his north-facing side. When not making forced nature analogies, Tony enjoys conducting the Stanford band, working with the Alumni Association as senior class president, waging war with the raccoon that lives in the dumpster behind Phi Psi, and – of course – hiking. After spending a summer conducting thesis research on fungal biodiversity in Sequoia National Park and fruitlessly soul-searching on the John Muir Trail, Tony is back for ANOTHER SUMMER as hiking leader! And boy, is he stoked. This year, he looks forward to making fondue and chasing bears through Desolation one more time, so come say hi and please try to water him if he looks a little droopy.

Mwengwe Mpekansambo

Hometown: Mufulira, Zambia

Major: Undeclared

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: write, listen to music, dance

I could talk all day about: story plots & books

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… econ, chemistry, creative writing and publishing, arts & music, sustainability, design & architecture, gardening

A little more about Mwengwe (2022): She is an outdoor enthusiast with dreams of frolicking through forests and large green spaces. Raised in Mufulira, Zambia she spent most of her time in the garden with family. Creativity is very important and is a huge part of everyday life. Talk to her about books, writing, interior design, music, and plant poaching.

Bio Pic- Nan Victoria Munger
Nan Munger
Arts Instructor

Hometown: New York City, NY

Major: Art Practice, Education Minor

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: rock climbing, outdoor adventures, and playing Catan or other games with friends!

I could talk all day about: art, funny stories, teaching, philosophies of life, books, my friends/family

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… art, education, writing

A little more about Nan (2020): She just finished her junior year at Stanford, where she discovered she loves rock climbing and exploring the non-NYC outdoors (surprise, mom!). She is now a member of the rock climbing team and a trip leader for Stanford Outdoor Education. She is relatively uncoordinated but loves athletic pursuits regardless (examples include waterskiing, basketball, volleyball, and climbing). She also loves board or word games, kids, jokes/riddles, peanut butter, meeting new people, art museums, and art-making (obviously), especially oil painting. She is so excited about her first summer at camp. If she’s talking too much, feel free to interrupt her. Tell her about the best teacher you ever had, or the weirdest things that have happened to you, or whatever happens to be running through your head!

bio-pic-will-ogden-e1555783634334.jpgWill Ogden
Ski Dock

Hometown: Mill Valley, CA

Major: Earth Systems

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Hike, Play Baseball, Pick up basketball

I could talk all day about: Boston Sports

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Energy, Tech, Law

A little more about Will (2021): Will just finished his sophomore year where he is studying earth systems with a focus on energy. He is president of the Club Baseball and although he is from the Bay Area he loves his Boston sports teams. He is incredibly excited to be working on ski dock this summer!

Bio Pic- Erica Christine Olsen
Erica Olsen

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Major: BioEngineering

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: talk to friends about their emerging passions and pipe dreams, dance, try to ride my bike without hands (still working on it)

I could talk all day about: THE WONDERS OF DANCE IMPROVISATION and Bioethics

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Neuroscience, neuromodulation, biotech, bioethics, genetics, performance art

A little more about Erica (2021): Erica is a sophomore from Las Vegas (technically Henderson), NV who is so so so excited to join the Camp family as a Suaves counselor this year! Erica has just concluded her year as a Stanford Dollie, but she’s always looking for new reasons to dance. She feels pretty confident in her high-kicking abilities, but she’s currently seeking challengers who believe they can kick higher. Erica loves bringing the joys of movement (especially improvisational dance) to people of all ages– ask her about her volunteer work with Dance for Parkinson’s! When she isn’t dancing you can probably find Erica 1) Raving about Hopkin’s Marine Station 2) Watching pangolin videos 3) Discussing LSJUMB culture (should she join ABF?) 4) Journaling about possible inventions 5) Reading about new neuroscience discoveries 6) Practicing self-care with her salt lamp massaging balls 7) Missing her old Zoobooks 8) Laughing with friends and sending smiles. She is so excited to meet everyone and make new memories!

Bio Pic- Marcus Vilhelm Palsson
Marcus Palsson

Hometown: Malmö, Sweden

Major: Mathematics & Computer Science

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Read, play tennis, and meet new people!

I could talk all day about: Education, psychology, American vs. Swedish culture and ideals, philosophy, math, economics, ice hockey, politics, gap years, current events – basically anything! I love hearing what makes other people tick!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Venture capital, investment management, energy, biotechnology, education, environment, fashion, transportation, you name it.

A little more about Marcus (2019): Hey! I’m Marcus and I couldn’t be more excited to be back at Camp for another summer, this time as a Munchkins counselor! I’m a senior at Stanford majoring in Mathematics and returning next year for a master’s degree in Computer Science. I lived my whole life in Sweden before coming to the States for college, and after four years here I now feel more and more confident that I want to stay on this side of the Atlantic after graduation. Not sure what I exactly want to be doing so am always very interested in hearing about people’s career & life paths.  Summarizing myself in a paragraph has never been my forte, so I’ll save ‘the rest’ for when we hopefully get a chance to talk in person – catch me any time you see me, there’s nothing I like more than getting to know new people!

Bio Pic- Nicole Emma Pofcher
Nicole Pofcher

Hometown: Wilmette, IL

Major: Anticipated International Relations major with a minor in Sustainability

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: coxing on the Women’s Rowing Team, laying in the sun on Meyer Green, and jamming to music with friends while biking

I could talk all day about: rowing, Harry Potter, peanut butter, veganism, sustainability, creative writing, international relations, Chicago, photography, and anything you love!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… international relations, sustainability, business, journalism, non-profit work

A little more about Nicole (2022): She is a rising sophomore who was born in San Francisco, CA and moved to Wilmette, IL, a suburb of Chicago, when she was seven. While she loves Lake Michigan and Louis the Child, she is ecstatic to back in the Bay Area (cue her favorite song, “Save me, San Francisco” by Train). At Stanford, she is hoping to study both International Relations and Sustainability. Nicole is a coxswain on the Stanford Women’s Rowing Team, a member of Stanford Dance Marathon, and a kudos person in her dorm outside of the classroom. Her passion for peanut butter is unrivaled (twelve weeks this summer = at least three jars) but she is also an avid fan of anything vegan (3.5 years now!). She’s the oldest of three girls (sixteen and seven), a big fan of camping/nature (ask her about biking the length of Vermont), and a celebrator of holidays/birthdays. Nicole is stoked to document a summer of joy at Sierra Camp as a photographer! 🙂

Jack Rehnborg
Chicken & Mountain Biking Instructor

Hometown: Hong Kong

Major: Bioengineering

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Rock climb, road trip, watch old movies

I could talk all day about: California Water Politics

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Biotech!

A little more about Jack (2022): Jack was born in Los Angeles, but quickly went on a little world tour living in London and then Hong Kong for eight years. Being overseas, he developed a passion for travel, food and skateboarding. Even though he lived thousands of miles away, Jack always felt like Colorado, where his family hails from, was his home base, and spent long summers hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and whitewater kayaking there. Jack loves all things outdoors, and will never shy away from a chance for an epic road trip to get lost outside somewhere. Jack also enjoys studying genetics and molecular biology and is a massive California politic nerd.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetKady Richardson

Hometown: Orinda, CA

Major: Sociology Coterm (‘19); American Studies Bachelor’s (‘18)

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Go on runs around campus, football and lacrosse games, and try new recipes for dinner with my roommates

I could talk all day about: Feelings, the Bay Area (its food, its culture, its changes), and Humanities at Stanford

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… People Operations, Tech, Content Strategy

A little more about Kady (2018, Coterm 2019): She was raised in the Bay Area, where her love of California, Stanford, good  food and exploring nature all began. She has a special place in her heart for Tahoe, and spent time every summer in South Lake growing up. She just finished her Sociology coterm, which means that it’s finally time to say goodbye to life at Stanford. But first, 3 months at camp to keep fending off the real world! She is a big fan of podcasts that interview celebrities, but tries to shove news podcasts in between episodes to trick herself into learning things of value. She loves live music, reading good books, and CAMP. She is also a big fan of talking, which she would love to do with you about anything and everything. After 2 magical summers with munchkins and as KGC, KD can’t wait to hang with the Yahoos!

Lucy Rickerich
Rock Climbing Instructor

Hometown: York, Maine

Major: Undeclared

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Talking for hours with friends about imaginative questions. Climbing trees, rocks, and mountains. Dancing.

I could talk all day about: Epistemology and philosophy, exploring new pockets of nature, sustainability, social activism through art, the value of education, cheese

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Biology, medicine, philosophy, criminal justice reform

A little more about Lucy (2022): Lucy is from Maine, just a hop, skip, and a jump across the country. The best part about growing up there must have been picking blackberries for breakfast in her backyard, stargazing with her dad, adventuring with friends and family through the woods and waters, and exploring the rocky coast. She is an unconventional outdoorswoman, as she has also been a classically trained dancer all her life and finds a unique joy dancing ballet and modern pieces with others. Her experience with dance together with nature made her fascinated with the human body and biology, and she has loved diving into those topics, along with philosophy, during her freshman year at Stanford. This summer she’s so psyched to be joining Sierra Camp and sharing her love for climbing with others.

Clarissa Scranage-Carter
Music Instructor

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Major: Symbolic Systems

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: make music, talk with friends over food, watch movies

I could talk all day about: Music & humor

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Music and Entertainment

A little more about Clarissa (2019): Hello! I have returned! My name is Clarissa Carter, I was Music Instructor for the Summer of 2016, and I am SO glad to be back under the same position! My time at Stanford has been truly wonderful, most notably my senior year. One thing I’m really proud of is that I released an album titled “Spotlight” on all streaming platforms this past February. Please take a listen and let me know what you think (Here’s the Spotify link: bit.ly/clarissacarter)! Anyhoo, it’s crazy how time flies. By the time you read this, I will have graduated from Stanford with a B.S. in Symbolic Systems and a minor in Creative Writing. After camp, I’ll be working on my Master’s in Learning, Design, and Technology under Stanford’s Graduate School of Education. My passions involve anything to do with music and entertainment. Looking forward to getting to know you all! Please never hesitate to chat with me 🙂

Arjun Sheth

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Major: Human Biology

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: I love to dance, watch TV while eating food, and talk endlessly with friends

I could talk all day about: Call Me by Your Name

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Entertainment / Performing Arts

A little more about Arjun (2019): I look forward to sleeping every night for it means morning will come quicker. I wake up excited to dance, to teach, to turn strangers into friends, and to defamiliarize the world around me. When not performing on stage or on screen, I can be found watching Call Me by Your Name, belting Disney songs, or eating Chipotle, likely all at once.

bio-pic-austin-daniel-stack.jpgAustin Stack
Ski Dock

Hometown: Salem, Oregon

Major: ((strong) maybe) Management Science & Engineering

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Beach volleyball!!, jamming out w/ friends, and running the dish

I could talk all day about: how I’m positive I can outrun a bear.

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Renewable energy, food, or the outdoor industry!

A little more about Austin (2022): He is ending his freshman year at Stanford and is stoked to be spending his first summer away from Oregon!  Growing up there he loved backpacking and skiing in the beautiful Cascade range, and he can’t wait to continue the adventure in the Sierras!!  Throughout this first year in college, Austin has made an effort to push himself towards experiences that are new and uncomfortable. He hopes for a transformative four years and is ready to experience the amazing community and experience of Sierra Camp where he’ll start off as part of the ski dock team!  Come talk to him about literally anything… elation-inducing subjects include (but aren’t limited to) sports, the awesome friends he met this year, cooking shows, his favorite comedies, (astro)photography, and fishing!!

Bio Pic_ Danielle Lauren Stagger

Danielle Stagger

Hometown: New York, New York

Major: Theater and Performance Studies

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Improv and theater, Tanning at McMurtry roof (lol), Write in the sun, Bike around at night.

I could talk all day about: Representation in the entertainment industry.

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Theater, Film, Entertainment

A little more about Dani (2019): Dani is from New York City, the best city in the world, though she’d certainly be interested in hearing about where you’re from as she’s always looking for hard evidence to back up this claim. When she’s not being a die hard New Yorker, she spends time on stages, in rehearsal rooms, and in lighting booths, so she is beyond excited to bask in the sunshine this summer at camp! Dani loves questions and is happy to ask and answer anything from “What do you think is the value of jealousy as an emotion?” to “What do you think is the best dog breed and why?” She’ll be bopping around with the Teens this summer, which she is so so jazzed about! Also, sometimes she uses weird words like “jazzed”!

bio-pic-carly-marnie-steyer.jpgCarly Steyer

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Major: Film & Media Studies

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Find absurd excuses to borrow golf carts; eat mediterranean food, sing with Everyday People (the a cappella group)

I could talk all day about: screenwriting, favorite movies and TV shows, Joan Didion

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Entertainment, Art, gender equity and diversity initiatives, early childhood education!

A little more about Carly (2020): 4 truths and a lie about Carly:

  1. At age 4, she was convinced that she and Carlos Santana were closely related because they have the same initials. (Now her music taste ranges from Tracy Chapman to Carlos Vives to Ariana Grande to the Hamilton Soundtrack— if you have liked any music ever, come tell her about it!)
  2. She one time stood in a boxing ring with a black bear…
  3. Her bloodstream is, in all likelihood, about 70% coffee at this point.
  4. In the nine months, she’s lived in Iowa (working on a midterm campaign), Cape Town (studying abroad), and The Farm.
  5. Carly is so glad to be spending the summer living on Fallen Leaf, photographing Camp’s beautiful guests and is stoked to hear more about what makes them tick. She is from a big, loud, loving family and can’t wait to connect with guests and their families.

Come find me, the blonde girl with a  camera around her neck, to figure out which of these^ is untrue!

Isabella Sullivan

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska

Major: Earth Systems (Oceans and Climate Track)

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: eating brunch, getting outside (to the beach or on hikes), blasting music!

I could talk all day about: the ocean, strange dreams and good books

A little more about Bella (2021): Bella was born and raised in the beautiful Anchorage, Alaska and is soooo pumped to be a Menehunes Counselor this summer after having a wonderful time with the Munchkins last summer! She loves the outdoors with a passion and you can find her doing anything from hiking and skiing to fishing and swimming in the cold Alaskan oceans with her friends. Feel free to come ask her about anything— from living on the Yukon River every summer to doing research on a sailboat through the South Pacific Ocean last spring quarter. Bella also loves learning from and getting to know new people so she is super excited to meet the amazing guests this summer!

bio-pic-thomas-thach.jpegThomas Thach

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Major: Symbolic Systems

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class:

  1. Throwing board game and movie nights with friends
  2. Napping in Meyer Green on a sunny day
  3. Playing sand volleyball on Wilbur Field

I could talk all day about: Love, movies, and the best life decisions you’ve ever made

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Social Psychology, Diversity & Inclusion, Educational Equity, Filmmaking, Artificial Intelligence & Ethics

A little more about Thomas (2021): Thomas cares about relationships more than anything else in the world, and he’s coming back for a second summer because the community at Sierra Camp is truly unrivaled. He’s currently in the process of figuring out what he wants to do with his life, and he’s pretty convinced that he wants to work directly with people. In his free time, he loves to cook (Vietnamese food is the specialty here), host game shows, and chase waterfalls. His other favorite pastimes include exploring lush forests, falling asleep under the stars, and belting 80’s throwbacks on long road trips. He also really values movies for their ability to bring people together, and he would love to hear about your favorite film. He will also happily listen to your stories about the most memorable decisions that you believe have changed your life. (Without a doubt, choosing to work at Sierra Camp has been the best life decision Thomas has ever made thus far!) To close off, here’s 2 truths & a lie about him: 1) He’s witnessed a real-life exorcism. 2) He’s been lost in the Paris Catacombs. 3) He’s survived a broken heart.

bio-pic-julia-megan-wang.jpgJulia Wang
Ski Dock

Hometown: Portola Valley, CA

Major: Undeclared

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Being a part of the club soccer team, running/walking the dish with friends, going to the beach!

I could talk all day about: Soccer, skiing hiking, books (of all kinds), mental health, cosmology/the universe, music

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Computer Science, Engineering, Biotech

A little more about Julia (2022): Hi! I just finished my freshman year at Stanford, and have been going to SSC since I was a Munchkin, so I am STOKED to be here this summer. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, so I’m a Stanford local. Growing up, my favorite pastimes were playing board games with my family, backpacking and camping, going on road trips with my friends, playing soccer, eating lots of food, and reading everything I could get my hands on. I love anything camp and related to nature and being outside, and can’t wait to meet you!!

Bio Pic- Francesca Maxwell WatkinsFrancesca Watkins

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN

Major: English

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: Watch movies. Get involved in theater. Eat ice cream. I’ve made it a personal goal to sample as many ice cream places in Palo Alto as I can.

I could talk all day about: Movies (particularly ones with Jason Statham)

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… Entertainment. Visual and written stories are my favorite.

A little more about Francesca (2020): Francesca is a junior English major at Stanford. When she isn’t watching a strange forgotten wide release film, she’s writing short stories, laughing with her writer’s group, or elbows deep in some theater production. This is her first time working at Sierra Camp and she’s thrilled to go on this adventure!

bio-pic-hannah-elizabeth-tracy-young.jpgHannah Young

Hometown: Spearfish, South Dakota

Major: Earth Systems

Three things I love to do at Stanford outside of class: explore local hiking/mountain biking trails, listen to audiobooks (always looking for new recommendations!), and find secret spots throughout campus for reading and relaxing

I could talk all day about: mountains, conservation, particle physics, alpine lakes, puns, trees, birds, and anything you’re passionate about!

I would love to talk to guests who work in fields related to… environmental sciences and management

A little more about Hannah (2021): Hannah was born and raised in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Growing up she spent most of her time hiking, mountain biking, camping, climbing, and yes, going to Mount Rushmore multiple times a year! When she wasn’t outside, Hannah could be found drinking “just one more” cup of coffee, drumming until she couldn’t hold the drumsticks anymore (or until her family needed some peace and quiet) and taking pictures of any animals she was lucky enough to spot. Luckily most of these hobbies (excluding visits to our stone-faced presidents) have stuck throughout college! Now she spends most of her free time exploring the new hikes around campus, walking dogs, and of course, she’s still drinking coffee and snapping pics of charismatic megafauna.

Things to ask Hannah about:

how much she loves trees, whales, banana slugs… the list goes on…          • DOGS

growing up in the Midwest         • Just about anything else that you want to talk about !!!


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