Our Staff

Each year we employ 61 Stanford students to bring imagination, creativity, innovation, and passionate ideas into the summer program.  Whether mechanical engineering or art history majors, these students provide the vibrancy that energizes and drives Camp throughout the summer.

Dave Bunnett: Director and CEO

Dave is responsible for the overall management of the facility.  With over 30 years at Camp, Dave can take on virtually any issue that arises.  When Dave isn’t running around Camp, he and his wife Tamara have another full-time job: raising their two lovely and charismatic daughters, Danica and Tatum.

LC_Whatzappening Pic– Leanna Castro: Assistant Camp Director

Leanna is responsible for year-round operational management, as well as organizing the summer program and hiring the summer staff. Beyond Camp life, Leanna likes to combine exploration of the beautiful Tahoe area with quality family and friends’ time (i.e. hiking, camping, board games) and pursuing her passions within health care.

MK_Whatzappening Pic    –  Michael Kim: Summer Staff Director

Michael acts as Camp’s on-campus representative during the fall, winter, and spring. He works with Leanna to recruit, interview, hire, and train the impeccable summer staff! In the summer, Michael provides support for Camp’s summer staff and programs. Outside of work, Michael loves geeking out about espresso, listening to podcasts, playing soccer, reading fiction, and learning new things. He can’t wait to see you again this summer and talk to you about the things you love!

1385649_10101734228948175_448332700_n– Matty Hayes: Conference Staff Director

Matty is responsible for hiring the spring and fall staff, creating their schedules, and making sure conference seasons run smoothly.  Matty hails from Hendersonville, TN and enjoys all things outdoors: mountain biking, snowboarding, camping and taking boats out on the lake.

Carrie Webb: Reservations Manager

As our reservations manager, Carrie handles the reservations for our summer program and Stanford affiliated conference programs.  During the week, she is here to handle any reservation questions you may have.  Carrie loves riding horses, hiking and gardening in her yard.

Liz Aiken PhotoLiz Aiken: Reservations Assistant Manager

Liz works side-by-side with Carrie to ensure your reservations are up-to-date and ready to go prior to your summer arrival.  Liz is excited to meet all our guests and will be at Camp to help answer any questions you may have.

Lauren Franklin Photo

Lauren Franklin: Front Office and Accounting Manager

Lauren oversees and keeps the front office, accounting, and finance departments running smoothly.  She is in an easy-to-find location and can answer almost any of your questions regarding Camp activities. In her free time, Lauren enjoys hiking and channeling her inner Federer on the tennis courts.

t5YToJUzMR3feyvz8sj77DPdBI5F-BM5MUseR8lmFfc2coMOyyAYI6iVP6VVbkqgGZPwb23fBfHmh5wmheYsJYw6XNP_1rp5TUXq2d6L2zqqOEsWhXMAMPO5eCEwticrddqc3FVbj78WFryUyy19tT1-sDZU-16q9xQh_mJD7K-eQuRZjAiMkw8fre1fRa6uq0enn6SzuL2kPdklSyOgGMillie McCandless: Front Office and Accounting Assistant

Millie works with conference season coordinators to orchestrate a smoothly-running program in addition to answering any of your questions regarding our programs.  In her free time, Millie loves to travel! She has been all the world, including Antarctica for 6 months in the winter!

EkOXSCT6mJESriC4ajW2-Bruy4nxolDtMv87q05vx7iohr3Pck3efynpaZDhj8FROq44wk9qx0ZVxlB59_iBsWfYHZFMKYgGFkRC6PJRiGDc6Sb6GZxLLy4QDMBQxh2KufNFADEr3NKwFjU_jWR_sW1jUntWjv2rVXty3mfXopgPzZhNMyxFANqLTxEt3rO8UrxCOLbUWyI89I3cl1mCZTegan Ludwig: Director of Human Resources

Tegan oversees all of the Human Resource & Accounting functions for Stanford Sierra Camp. Tegan’s main focus is taking care of our team members and ensuring they have a unique and one-of-a-kind working experience. She stands by her belief in an open door policy by creating open lines of communication. When Tegan isn’t out at Camp, she is located at our Town Office. During her free time, Tegan enjoys wake boarding, snowboarding, volleyball, running, softball, climbing and just about anything outdoors.

Morgan Marshall: Sales and Marketing Director

Morgan works to book and organize the many conferences, weddings, retreat groups, and businesses that visit Camp in the spring and fall.  When not working, you can find Morgan geocaching in the local vicinity, doing a crossword at the picnic tables, or displaying his talents on the volleyball court.

unnamedDerek Lynn: Fountain Manager

Derek brings together our unique assortment of items for the Fountain and assembles our wine list from Stanford affiliated vineyards.  In addition to making loads of milkshakes, Derek enjoys long cups of coffee, reading by the boat dock, and getting outside when the sun is out.


Jan Schlereth: Head of Housekeeping

Jan is responsible for making sure that your stay is as cozy and clean as possible. Recently, Jan has taken to overseas travel as her next exciting hobby.

Dave Dennis: Executive Chef

Dave, also known as “D”, oversees all kitchen and dining room services.  Dave is responsible for creating the dynamic and flavorful menus for all seasons and has an acute eye for delicious foods.  In his free time, Dave enjoys hiking, biking, and spending time with his son.

TaraCrowleyTara Crowley: Executive Sous Chef

Tara hails from Cleveland, Ohio and has been here at Camp since Spring 2013.  She brings her extraordinary culinary skills each day to make delicious meals for all to enjoy.


Heather Weisberg: Sous Chef

Heather is from Pittsburgh, PA and has been working in the kitchen at Camp since Spring 2015. When not at Camp, she spends most of her time living and working on a farm in central California, where she even built her own house!

Bruce Campodonico: Head of Maintenance

Bruce brings excellent carpentry skills and attention to detail to his job maintaining the grounds.  You will see Bruce’s unique and beautiful wood trim fixtures in various places around the lodge.  Bruce is also an artist, avid reader, and has a wealth of historical knowledge.

Jonathan Howells: Maintenance Assistant

Jonathan has spent many years working at Sierra Camp and brings a wealth of knowledge in the fields of masonry, carpentry, and other valuable trades.  Jonathan volunteers for the fire department and is an avid rock climber.  He also thoroughly enjoys back-country skiing.

Bobby Fanning: Maintenance Assistant

Bobby works in many maintenance fields from general repairs to complicated plumbing.  In his free time, Bobby enjoys hunting and riding his motorcycle.