Faculty Speakers

Each week, two Stanford faculty members arrive at Camp to engage guests in interesting and stimulating topics.  Previous subjects have included the exploration of dark matter, self-driving vehicles, and the academic structure of today’s high schools.  During the week, the Stanford faculty hold an hour-long lecture followed the next day by a discussion.  2018 speakers are as follows:

  • Week 2:          Pam Matson, Environmental Studies
  • Week 2-3:       Chris Gerdes, Mechanical Engineering
  • Week 3-4:       Elaine Treharne, Medieval/Early Modern Studies
  • Week 4-5:       David Kennedy, History
  • Week 5-6:       Mehran Sahami, Computer Science
  • Week 6-7:       Roger Romani, Physics/Particle Astrophysics 
  • Week 7-8:       Frank Longo, Neurological Sciences
  • Week 8-9:       Dereca Blackmon, Spiritual/Cultural 
  • Week 9-10:     Maya Adam, Health Education
  • Week 10-11:   Bill Newsome, Neurobiology/Psychology
  • Week 11-12:   Sally Benson, Energy Engineering
  • Week 12-13:   Jim Campbell, History
  • Week 13:         Patricia Burchat, Physics