Faculty Speakers

Each week throughout the summer, two Stanford faculty members arrive at Camp to engage guests in interesting and stimulating topics.  Previous subjects have included the exploration of dark matter, self-driving vehicles, and the academic structure of today’s high schools.  During the week, the Stanford faculty hold an hour-long lecture followed the next day by a discussion.  2018 speakers were as follows:

  • Week 2:          Pam Matson, Environmental Studies
  • Week 2-3:       Chris Gerdes, Mechanical Engineering
  • Week 3-4:       Elaine Treharne, Medieval/Early Modern Studies
  • Week 4-5:       David Kennedy, History
  • Week 5-6:       Mehran Sahami, Computer Science
  • Week 6-7:       Roger Romani, Physics/Particle Astrophysics 
  • Week 7-8:       Frank Longo, Neurological Sciences
  • Week 8-9:       Dereca Blackmon, Spiritual/Cultural 
  • Week 9-10:     Maya Adam, Health Education
  • Week 10-11:   Bill Newsome, Neurobiology/Psychology
  • Week 11-12:   Sally Benson, Energy Engineering
  • Week 12-13:   Jim Campbell, History
  • Week 13:         Patricia Burchat, Physics