Black Lives Matter

Sierra Camp Black Lives Matter Week of Action Resources

Welcome to resources from our Sierra Camp Black Lives Matter Week of Action. First, an introduction — The Sierra Camp Week of Action was born from the passion and commitment of a group of current and former staph with a vision to engage in mutual education, community building, and fundraising directed towards the Black Lives Matter movement. In our staphers’ words, “Sierra Camp time and time again shows how people can come together to do hard work as a community.” We are honored to be trusted with helping direct this energy towards such a needed and pivotal movement. We recognize that this week of action is a small step in a lifelong journey of learning and unlearning. We hope all who love Camp will continue to help supporting its progress in this arena, and will continue to self-educate, engage, speak up, make space, get curious, call in, take risks, acknowledge mistakes and keep learning, practice gratitude and humility, question the status quo, and work to elevate the voice and visions of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

The Week in Preview (WIP) is your glimpse at an overview of the week’s activities.  From Saturday Intros to Friday night Talent Show, the Week in Preview allows you an overview of what the week’s programming entails. The Whatzappening (Whatz) is a newsletter that offers more detailed information on each program, including directions to any materials and resources related to a session.  Activities vary with the experience and passions of our volunteer staph facilitators, and all programs are designed to elevate the voices and work of BIPOC leaders (Black, Indigenous and People of Color), encourage reflection, and invite meaningful conversation. The below Whatz includes follow-up resources for each session.

Summer 2020’s Week of Action WIP & Whatz are attached here:

WIP Week of Action 2020

Whatz with Follow-Up Resources Week of Action 2020

BioSketches for our volunteer Summer Staph Facilitators can be read here:
Staph BioSketches

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We’re excited to continue building the momentum of our collective community engagement beyond this one week. Feel free to share these resources and programming materials with your communities and anyone who may be interested in receiving the Week of Action material. We just ask that if they are not familiar with the Camp family to please host your guest(s) in a responsible way, meaning introduce them to our Week of Action norms and family camp expectations.