Check-in details:

  • Saturday arrival
  • Check in begins at 3pm and ends at 10pm
  • If you are arriving later than 10pm, please call our front office (530.541.1244) and we can arrange for a check-in packet and room keys to be available upon your arrival.
  • We provide a greeters table adjacent to the office from 3-6pm
  • Didn’t sign up for a newspaper?  Sign up upon arrival.
  • Please fill out any paperwork that was not filled out pre-arrival.  We encourage you to fill out your paperwork prior to arrival so that you can begin your vacation immediately!

Check-out details:

  • Saturday departure
  • Check-out begins at 8am; check-out ends at 10am
  • All bills must be settled prior to departure
  • We accept checks and cash only; we do not accept credit or debit cards
  • All checks should be made out to “Stanford Sierra Programs”
  • Early check-out is available for guests who sign-up by noon on Friday.  Bill-settling can be done between 3 and 6 pm on Friday afternoon.  Any purchases after this time must be made by cash or check.