Age Groups

All kids’ groups are led by our tremendous summer staffers.  32 out of our 61 staffers dedicate their summer to working with your kids and spend loads of preparation time in the spring coming up with engaging, educational, and exciting programs for their respective age groups.  We maintain our age guidelines as strictly as possible to provide the best experience for your child(ren).  Counselors do a wonderful job adapting to the varying personalities each week and adjust programming to meet the needs of the children so that each child has a great experience.

Munchkins (3-4 years old) and Snoopers (5-6) play in “The Patch,” read stories, ride the pontoon boat, visit the Fire House, and go on make-believe adventures to learn about the environment.  (Must be potty-trained.)

Menehunes (7-8) and Yahoos (9-10) learn about the environment and local history as they hike, canoe, play games, make crafts, and participate in activities designed to enhance their self-esteem and sense of wonder.

Midorees (11-12), Suaves (13-14), and Teens (15-18) hone their teamwork skills as they take on the Camp challenge course, explore the woods, spend time on the water, and try their hand at improv.  The Suave and Teen groups go backpacking overnight (see “Overnight Hikes” page).