Microbopper Week

Our final week of the summer program concludes with Week Thirteen, or as we like to call it, Microbopper Week. Microbopper Week families arrive and depart on Saturday, as is typical for the other weeks of summer, but Microbopper Week is unique in that this week’s program is specially designed for families with children ages 6 and younger, with the Snoopers (5-6 year olds) as our oldest kids group.

Parents take a well-deserved break while their kids from 9 months through 6 years participate in daily, age-appropriate programs. The little ones are in the capable hands of our Stanford student staffers for this special week so that parents are free to nap, kayak, read, attend adult programming, i.e. guided hikes, book discussions, tennis sessions, yoga, meditation, arts, crafts, etc., or simply decompress. Tip: Fewer families apply for this week, so you could be at Camp in a snap!

Microbopper Kids Groups

All kids’ groups are led by our tremendous summer staffers.  The Micro and Macro Rooms are additionally overseen by our childcare coordinators and receive management support.

  • Microboppers (9-19 months old) are based in the Cathedral Room, with a diaper changing table, age-appropriate toys, cribs, and a napping area. Our staff will soothe cries, change diapers, engage inquisitive minds, and encourage play.
  • Macroboppers (20-35 months old) are based in the Angora Room, where they read stories, take naps, get fresh diapers, eat their favorite snacks, and play with bubbles, when not riding the pontoon boat and going on walks with counselors.
  • Munchkins (3-4 year olds) play in “The Patch,” read stories, ride the pontoon boat, visit the Fire House, discover mermaids and other wonders of Camp, craft, and more with their dedicated counselors and co-Munchkins (Must be potty-trained).
  • Snoopers (5-6 year olds) are the big kids on Camp for the week and often like to help out around Camp, but you can also find them playing in “The Patch,” reading stories, riding the pontoon boat, visiting the Fire House, and going on magical adventures to learn about the environment with their dedicated counselors and co-Snoopers.

We maintain our age guidelines as strictly as possible to provide the best experience for your child(ren).  Counselors do a wonderful job adapting to the varying personalities each week and adjust programming to meet the needs of the children so that each child has a great experience.

Microbopper Week In Preview

The Week in Preview is your glimpse into a week of fun-filled activities at Camp during Microbopper Week.  Spanning from your Saturday arrival to Friday night festivities, the Week in Preview allows you to look ahead at your week and plan for those can’t-miss opportunities.  Activities vary each year with the talents and skills of our summer staff, and events sometimes change during the week so be sure to check the Whatzappening (our daily newsletter) for the most up-to-date information. 

Summer 2019’s Microbopper Week in Preview is attached here:

As this week’s schedule is designed for young kids, we adjust hours of meal times, kids’ groups, the general store, and Boat Dock to better accommodate you and your kids’ needs. Here is an example of the hours taken from the 2020 Microbopper Week schedule.

Preparing for Microbopper Week

We are delighted that you and your family are attending Sierra Camp for this special week designed for families with young children. Microbopper week is unique from the rest of our summer offerings, and many staff say it is their favorite week of the summer.

Kids Programs

When you arrive in the childcare area, your child will receive a slip of nametags that you can apply to their bottles and personal gear. We ask parents to always sign your child in and out and leave a note if someone else will be picking your child up. The rooms have space for each child to leave specific toys, blankets, changing supplies, an extra set of clothing, etc in their cubby, if you would like. It’s also helpful if you have a bag or backpack  with a water bottle, hat, sunscreen, light jacket and diapers in case your child goes on a trip to the beach or the playground. For our two long days of programming, Monday & Thursday, we ask parents to pack & leave your child with a sack lunch, avoiding common allergens, such as nuts.

We encourage parents to feel free to linger for a little while if you think it will help your child adjust to the new temporary surroundings. Children often have difficulty separating, (especially if they have never been left in such a situation before.)  The best way to deal with this is to quietly say goodbye and remind the child that you will return soon to pick them up.  Although very tempting, it is usually more upsetting for your child if you check-back into the room to see if your child is okay—oftentimes, children are reminded that you left and get upset again.  If you feel you must check back during the care hours, please do not let your child see you — perhaps you could ask someone to tell you how your child is doing.

We ask parents to please be prompt in bringing your child and picking him or her up at the appointed hour. Early pick-ups often leave other children worried and nervous about why they have not yet been picked up.

Babysitting Opportunities

If you are interested in child care outside of scheduled kids programming, ask about completing a babysitting request form at the Office. Sometimes our staff can be available to babysit outside of their working hours. Additionally, our coordinators for the Macro & Micro Rooms are sometimes available to babysit outside of kids group hours.  If you would like to learn more about their babysitting hours, please inquire at the Office.

Please note, any child care providers should be compensated directly for these babysitting times.